Starring Behind the Lens: An A-Z Guide About A Career in Photography

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Starring Behind the Lens: An A-Z Guide About A Career in Photography

Have you been praised for your photography skills by friends, loved ones and strangers alike but are still doing it as a hobby? With the boom in the media, fashion and advertising industry, photography is now not a mere hobby but a career option that lets you dig into your artistic side. If you are one of those individuals who has not realised how viable and full of potential this field is, you are in for a ride! Read on and learn how to get started with a career in photography.

A Career in Photography: What Does it Entail?

Before we dive into what a photography career in India entails, let’s take a look at exactly what it means to be a professional photographer.

A photographer’s work entails capturing professional, high-quality photographs using cameras, lights and other equipment. Depending on the type of photography they undertake, photographers work in a studio, on-field, or in exotic locations around the world or in the wilderness. They sometimes have to collaborate with a team of professionals when understanding the brief of a particular product and how it must attract the desired audience.

You must be wondering what these different types of photography fields are. Read on to learn more about them and see if they fit your calling as a photographer in India.

Types of Photography: Which Photography Style is Your Calling?

From high-end fashion to everyday life events, our world is highly dependent on photography.  With that in mind, let us look at a list of careers in photography.

Candid Photography: The Art of Capturing the Moment

Candid photography is a form of photography done without performing a predetermined set of poses. This style of photography is really popular in India, especially during wedding events and rituals.

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Fashion Photography: The Glitz and Glam of The Fashion World

In the wake of online shopping, fashion photographers are in high demand. In this type of photography, capturing a picture in a controlled environment requires an understanding of how framing works, and other advanced photography skills.

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Landscape Photography: Mastering the Frame

Landscape photography is among the most popular forms of photography. Though they typically capture nature, landscape photographs can also feature man-made subjects.

Street Photography: Capturing Everyday Life

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Street photography is the art of documenting daily life, weaving the story of a common man. The power of observation plays a pivotal role in street photography.

Becoming a Professional Photographer: Taking the Unconventional Route

After learning about the various types of photography ventures, you might be wondering how you can get started as a photographer. Some rudimentary knowledge you need is an understanding of frames, lighting, and how to handle the equipment.

Read this to learn more about photography equipment and how to build your collection.

To become a professional photographer in India, you must undertake a Diploma course or degree from an accredited institute. This helps you explore several niches in the field.

It is also essential to investigate and understand your personal style through practice. This will help you carve a niche in the industry and differentiate your work from your peers.

Beyond Education: Scope after Your Photography Degree

You must be wondering what the scope of photography as a career in India is after completing your photography degree and how to reach there.

A  degree in photography lays a solid foundation for you to better understand your equipment, style and other technical facets. Following that, you must venture out into the industry to test your skills and become a photographer.

There are multiple avenues photographers can take- fine arts, event photography, product photography, education, or selling their work to commercial clients.  But no matter the niche you choose, it is important for you to have a portfolio of your work handy. A photography portfolio is a collection of work that showcases who you are as a photographer and communicates your style to your client. Your portfolio makes the first and most important impression on your client.

You might now be wondering how much a photographer earns in India and what a photographer salary looks like. According to Ambitionbox, a professional photographer can earn up to INR 10,00,000/- in this lucrative field, with an average of INR 3,50,000/-.

Wrapping Up

All types of photography try to convey the essence of life by freezing a moment in time. Capturing these frames for entertainment, information, and commercial purposes is at the core of a professional photographer’s work.

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