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Grand Interior Design Inspiration From OTT Shows interior design - Grand Interior Design Inspiration From OTT Shows - Grand Interior Design Inspiration From OTT Shows

The rise of OTT platforms has not only delivered us seminal crime sagas, grim comedies, deep dramas, alienated sci-fi series or movies but also inspired us to pick up the inspiration for interior design. Remember the times, while you were binge-watching certain shows and noticed a unique lamp or table, or wallpaper? And with that, you get an insatiable urge to replicate it in your design. As an interior designer, you are always fueled to deliver something novel, so why not harness the power of OTT platforms and get the best from various shows and their sets.

We know that themed homes are becoming a culture. Be it the renovated spaces exhibiting the love for Harry Potter or manifesting the inclination towards Game of Thrones, the admiration for TV shows or movies run deeper in our lives than portrayed. Hence, the interior design world should look out for it and replicate it in their creation.

As we are talking about OTTs and shows, let us tell you a few shows that you can watch for grandeur interior design ideas.

1. The Assassination of Gianni Versace:

The American crime series revolves around the murder case of great designer Gianni Versace. As the murder mystery unfurls and intricate details creating a story around drugs, relationships and rivalry pop up, the audience also gets to witness the fashion empire of the Italian Designer. But as an interior design aficionado, the grand interiors full of life, royalty and luxury also hooks us up with the series. Be it the simplest of the wall painting or meticulously designed mansion in Miami Beach, the show offers more than a story to design enthusiasts.

2. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel:

Full of witty dialogues and candy coloured life of a homemaker turned comedian, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is not just another mid century show but is a cure for decor lust. The glorious landscape, the captivating visuals, the period wallpapers, furniture, fabrics filling up the nooks and cranny of the space adds up to an astounding layered interior that no eye can miss. The retro kitchen is our personal favourite and as a designer, the show should inspire you to mix and match, modernize the retro aesthetic and flamboyantly put it out in your design.

3. The Crown:

Satisfying our anglophilic soul, The Crown bleeds British royalty. The show focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth III and brings us face to face with the exclusive antiquity of the monarchs. From the interior design aspect, it creates a space full of rich gold-dusted interiors embellished with long galleries, reverberating walls, velvet upholstery, carpets, wooden stairs, armchairs and perfect flower arrangements. Every spec of the set is the ostentation of the Royal family with regality screaming out.

4. House of Cards:

House of Cards did not just depict and follow the political setup or gave the world the famous imprint of ‘Claire Underwood is my spirit animal’ but showed the magic of set design. As an interior designer, one must be familiar with how to inject the essence of human emotions and evoke the same feelings to the passerby. The show gives a specific look and feel. The entire interior resonates with seriousness and empowerment along with the controlled colour and spatial arrangement that has a machiavellian vibe, in sync with the plot of the drama.

5. Lucifer:

The plot follows the charming fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar. Though he has abandoned the throne, the regal lifestyle is hard to give up on. What’s in the store for us? A lavish penthouse- full of lux, arcane symbols and texts embracing the corners of the house and well-placed leisure area. For interior design students, it is a blessing in disguise that helps you understand the colour combination to bring out a luxury look and strike the right chords every time in your grand designs.

Inspiration can be derived from anywhere. It depends on the eyes of the watcher. Moreover, shows of grand sets also depict the cultural orientation as well as the style of the era in which the story is set. JD Institute of Fashion Technology inculcates these observant skills in its students. The B.Sc Interior Design and decoration prep ups the students to observe the interior trends and augment the interior space according to the demand.

Grand Interior Design Inspiration From OTT Shows