Jackets For Men: 5 Types And How To Style Them

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Jackets For Men: 5 Types And How To Style Them

Jackets for men never run out of style and can be used for various occasions from casual to formal. Men all over the world love their jackets, and will definitely have one standard that they wear everywhere. Persistently, these top 5 jackets are the ones that are most popular:

1. Leather Jacket
A leather jacket is the perfect addition to any style whether it’s classic or contemporary. ‘Timeless’ is the highlighted plus point for this jacket along with the constant evolution to fit the current trends and fashion preferences. Leather jackets come in numerous cuts, styles, and colors, so the choices are never ending. A leather jacket can be styled to go with practically every outfit. Club a pair of biker jeans with a plant white tee, and finish the look with a leather jacket, and you have the perfect look for a casual day out. To achieve a strong edgy vibe, pair the leather jacket with some boots as this shoe is what tones down the look. Adding a white sneaker to the outfit in place of the boots will give it a sleek and casual feel. Don’t be afraid to try it even with your formal wears, replace the lovely blazer with the edgy leather jacket and there you go, the most stunning look a man could go for.
2. Bomber Jacket 

A bomber jacket will take a vintage look and breathe a new life into it. It is made for both metropolitan and adventurous lifestyles. Bomber jackets often have excess pockets and sometimes come with a fur collar for added warmth. These jackets come in numerous colours to styles, from basic blacks  to neutral browns which make it hard to narrow down when shopping for them. So it is best to look out for the ones that suit your style and comfort as well as add a pop to your daily style.Post shopping for bomber jackets, it is important to make sure you have a wardrobe style that suits the jacket. If you are aiming for a sophisticated look, it is best to pair the outfit with a rustic looking bomber design that is neutral in color and buttons down. When leaning towards a trendier look, wearing a satin bomber jacket in a deep shade with a pair of skinny jeans, a plain shirt, and desert boots will ace the look.Jackets For Men: 5 Types And How To Style Them

3. Varsity Jacket

There are no rules of styling varsity jackets, they can be paired with literally anything and will still look as good as ever. Varsity jackets, also known as baseball jackets and letterman jackets, are everywhere in 2021’s happening jackets regardless of seasons. Most commonly it is made of leather, suede, and/or wool, a varsity jacket comes in a variety of colors, is usually two-toned, and adds the perfect athletic accent to any outfit. Pair a varsity jacket with joggers, a long, loose-fitting white tee, and sleek new sneakers for a sporty, casual look and if you are aiming at a more edgy and trendy style, then match it with dark jeans, a black tee and high top boots.Jackets For Men 5 Types And How To Style Them

4. Denim Jacket 

Denim jackets have made a comeback since the 90’s. Both oversized and fitted styles of the denim jacket are popular as it all depends on your physical frame and personal preferences. Though you can never go wrong with a denim jacket, it is best to avoid a deep navy or white color, as well as those of an acid-wash design. Keep an eye out for long sleeves with its length reaching the hip for the best fit. Give the wool collar style a try as well while at it. A striped tee underneath a fitted denim jacket with a pair of khakis is the perfect trendy, preppy look. For a cool guy vibe, a pair of brown or black ankle-high boots, straight leg jeans, and a plaid flannel shirt for a comfortable, enviable outfit. If aiming for a more athleisure look, then throw on a pair of joggers,sneakers, and a tee or pullover hoodie and you will have the look and style you aim at. Jackets For Men: 5 Types And How To Style Them

5. Utility Jacket

Utility jackets are super convenient as well as incredibly stylish. These jackets have numerous pockets and sometimes zippers to hold all of your must-have items. Military green is the most popular color, though they are available even in deep navy blue, khaki, or grey colors. Pair a utility jacket with a denim button-down shirt and a pair of chinos for a classic style. It can also be accessorized with a quality leather belt. By pairing a navy utility jacket with a dark flannel, black skinny jeans, and black boots, will take you look towards the edgier style. Also the look can be topped off with a grey skull cap.Jackets For Men 5 Types And How To Style Them

Jackets for men are more than just the ones mentioned above, it all depends on the individual style, comfort, taste and preferences. No matter the type of jacket you choose, it is crucial to remember to properly accessorize the outfit with hats, scarves, piercings, shades, watches, and whatnot. Though that doesn’t mean you go overboard with accessories making it look crowded and eye hurting. Keep in mind that your hairstyle can greatly affect the overall vibe of your look, instantly making the look go either ways of bad or good. Never be afraid to experiment with different styles, because you may never know what suits you the best unless you give it a try!

Jackets For Men: 5 Types And How To Style Them