Why is on Campus learning important?

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Why is on Campus learning important?

Why is On Campus learning important, when we get the same education from the comfort of our couch. The endless ambiguity in the educational system across the globe and the whole generation of change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with a plethora of choices that might not have been possible for much longer.

Why is on Campus learning important?The sudden shift towards virtual classrooms and online learning came with its own set of challenges. We had little choice to explore other options as we forged on with what we had during the covid-19 pandemic.  While technology evolved leaps and bounds in the field of online learning, can it completely replace hands-on experience? That is the question for the century. Here are 5 reasons to pursue on campus learning.

1. The skill set you need to develop

While, online learning no doubt has its perks. Conventional on campus learning remains vital and absolutely indispensable. It is of vital importance, owing to market demand in regards to career choices where both soft skills and hard skills are in conjunction. Campus learning offers unmatched opportunities for developing the necessary skill set which would help with real-world deftness for communication, discipline, cognitive development along with the overlooked skill set that you develop with time management, work rationing, and interpersonal skills.

2. Infrastructure

The virtual world of digitalization has opened up several doors to a diverse range of career opportunities which goes beyond careers that require formal validation.

Why is on Campus learning important?Skill-based career paths and opportunities are considered more reliable, where people have successfully established themselves in their domains of passion and interests. Earlier considered as unconventional, careers like photography, hospitality, baking, interior designer, cooking, yoga instructor, fashion designer, jewellery designer, dancer, sports, and athletics among many others have skyrocketed people’s careers – launching them on a global platform.

These skill-based careers especially require in-person training, supporting infrastructure and interaction in order to develop the required skill set to thrive in their respective career paths. Virtual learning sessions can fulfil the need for academic and theoretical knowledge while a hands-on learning experience is crucial to learning the trade and the practical knowledge that comes with handling the trade.

3. Multimodal exposure 

If you are planning to pursue a master’s degree or an advanced diploma in a specific stream, you have a lot to learn within a short period of time and on-campus learning offers you multimodal experience to acquire and understand more in a short period of time. The more you equip yourself with the key skills your career course needs for you to grow, the more you become a necessary component of the industry and achieve your career goals with ease. On Campus learning courses are a great way to continually improve your promotion prospects, and show growth in terms of your career and personal level.

Why is on Campus learning important?While, master’s degree and advanced diploma comes with its own set of challenges, the undergraduate programs need in-person attention and guidance to carefully understand the basics of the program or course and build a strong foundation to build upon as you head out to pursue a career in the same chosen field of interest.

4. A social life 

We don’t learn everything from books and the extensive notes we scribble down as the lecture goes on, we depend on fellow students to explore and learn our interests in any chosen field. Virtual education can only offer so much in terms of a social life. The countless WhatsApp groups and messaging can only guarantee keeping in touch with your peers but in-person interaction allows you to explore the chosen field of career and have fun choosing your interests, which makes learning more enjoyable and easier than trying to get through endless notes online.

Why is on Campus learning important?

It also allows you the opportunity to have valuable in-person conversations with fellow professionals who are taking part in the same course, but may have very different backgrounds and expert faculty who are well experienced in the industry. With weekend courses, communication with fellow students is easy, and meeting fellow professionals from around the country could have useful consequences for your career as you network with professionals, expert faculty and aspiring students from the chosen industry.

5. Availability of Facilities is Better on Campus

On Campus learning offers you a whole range of facilities and resources that are curated for each course to help and support you through the duration of the course. Such facilities may not be accessible online. Laboratories, libraries, or places to work on projects and papers are just a few examples of these facilities. In fact, online students typically have to find their own facilities for extending their learning or go to their local library, which can be inconvenient.

Why is on Campus learning important?

For example, in an on campus program, going to the library is a simple matter of walking there from class but online classes might leave you to hunt for resources online. This can make it difficult to reach your full potential academically because of the extra time and effort you have to spend to access resources. That’s time and effort that you can’t spend on your actual assignments. There is something to be said for being able to work on projects and do research in an academic setting as well.

This blog isn’t to say that virtual classrooms, or, more broadly, online learning, aren’t valuable means of getting an education. It’s just that some students will find that being able to access physical learning tools and resources readily available with on campus learning is more helpful to them in their pursuit of higher education.