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October 2018

JD Institute Now an Institutional Member of IIID The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is the country’s premier body of Interior Designers formed in the year 1972 to establish good professional and fair trade practices among the community. IIID is the only professional body of India, which is a part of ASPDA (Asia Pacific Space Design Association).  The main motive of IIID is

Workshop on Wardrobe Styling | JD Institute One of the highlights of is the number of activities students go throughout their curriculum. They are nurtured with the right amount of outside classroom activities, giving them the required experience and knowledge. Recently in association with Bangalore Design Week, JD Institute conducted a wardrobe styling workshop for all the jediiians and aspirant stylists which was mentored

Pep Talk for jewellery Design students A career as a jewellery designer enables you to combine your creative talent along with some business skills. JD Institute of Fashion Technology always believes in giving the right kind of industry exposure to its students before letting them enter the market. This time the Diploma in Jewellery design students had a pep talk with Ms Pragya, an

Curation: History and transition through the ages   Not very long ago, curators worked exclusively at the museums, extensively researching the best ways to exhibit an art collection. The term originated from the Latin word “curator”, which means “to take care”. It was a term of exalted reverence, used rarely in another relation than careful selection and governance of aesthetics in a museum. However, it

Annie Leibowitz: through the lens of a female fashion photographer Spontaneity and a selective eye that knows how to tactfully adapt to the subject has helped Annie Leibovitz capture the superlative essence, conceptual fineness, intimate detail, and pure honesty in her photographs. Annie is among the greatest photographers of her time. She's someone who knows how to transition between subjects - from models and pop

The Art of Window Displays at JD Institute In today’s world visual merchandising plays a major role in keeping the brand’s image well in the eyes of the consumer. In which window displays are the one that quickly grabs one’s attention and compels the customer to enter a store. Recently, Students of Visual Merchandising Course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology exhibited miniature window displays

Talk Session with RAK Ceramics: Interior Design Department Sanitary-ware and flooring are an integral part of the Interior Design curriculum. To give the Interior Design students an overview and industry insight, we at JD Institute of Fashion Technology invited RAK Ceramics, the fourth largest manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware in the world. Headquartered in the emirate of Ras Al Khamiah, the brand has

Hettich at JD Institute: Interior Design Department Aspiring interior designers of JD Institute were introduced to Hettich, the manufacturers of interior fittings by Mr.Reddy on 5th of October 2018, to enhance and give a new dimension to the learning of interior designing. The Interior Design course at JD Institute of Fashion Technology grants various opportunities for students to explore store visits and informative talk sessions