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March 2021

Career Opportunities post MBA in Fashion Business and Event Management are aplenty. Fashion is one of the most thriving and competitive sectors. The field has a variety of potential for growth. It deals with increasing and maintaining the brand value and awareness through innovative strategies to increase the demand of a given product in the market. Students armed with the course will have

A fashion collection inspired by art and costume history was conceived by the students of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management (PGDFDBM) July 2020 batch of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore. Presented as part of their Internal Term Project jury on the 24th of February 2021, the display was a collective understanding of all the modules of Term I.

Tiles have been a staple for interiors of every home through the centuries. Atleast one room in the house will definitely have it. It is among the most popular building materials in the world. The reason for its popularity stems due to its durability and low maintenance. Choosing a tile is not so simple, over the years they have evolved in various formats

Fashion photography trends for the year 2021 evolved during the pandemic. Fashion Photography as a field is very sensitive to change, each day brings with itself a new inspiration and a clean canvas. When talking about fashion photography, it is well-known that the style is ever-changing and so is this art. Moreover, the pandemic and the episode of isolation gave artists around the