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June 2021

Features of Scandinavian interior design are what makes Scandinavian design not limited to a region or time. Scandinavian interior design is a timeless style of living that embraces simplicity and subtlety in its designs. What is efficient about Scandinavian interior design is its ability to not seem redundant despite being regarded as a widely accepted style of interior design. In this blog, we tell

Charm Bracelets date back to the pre-historic era. The materials and designs may have changed but the concept has never gone out of style. It initially had religious connotations. Charm Bracelets were first worn by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and Hittites from 500 to 400 B.C. These charms were created from lapis lazuli, rock crystal and other locally-sourced gems. They were decorated with symbolic

Hair care routine is beyond how often you wash your hair. The basics of how to build a hair care routine lies in the foundations of wash, dry, and style. There are various hair care products in the market to choose from, but it is vital to know what type of ingredients to use, in order to enhance it’s natural look. Although, for

Customised jewellery is a personalised form of jewellery. Most custom-designed jewellery pieces celebrate a special person or event, thus, the design of the jewellery carries a special meaning for both the creator and the wearer. A custom-designed jewel can be personalised by incorporating a special gemstone, colour or motif which has special meaning for the wearer. Often, the simplest design carries the deepest meaning.

Sustainable Fashion labels are thriving in the Fashion Industry today. This joyful change in the industry towards sustainability has been recognized by many consumers who have educated themselves on the effects of having a sustainable lifestyle. There is no better way to dress up than pump in some accessories. Despite the occasion, all that is needed is a fun accessory to  amp the look

Jewellery Designing as a career is a creative journey that helps aspirants to reach the crevices of their imagination to craft jewellery that helps to tell a story. This is a field to explore especially for someone who has an eye for detail, design, flair for the industry and a determination to succeed. Jewellery is an accessory that people have been using for