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March 2022

Granite transpires to be one of the most popular natural stones. The interior design industry regards granite as one of the most durable natural stones. There are boundless uses of granite when it comes to designing interiors. Granite is luxuriously appealing and makes the interiors one of a kind if used appropriately. Interior designers can assist you in bringing out the best interior design

Press Release Students Of JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore Secured Multiple University Ranks Bangalore, March 2022- JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore is elated to announce that for the past few years, students from different departments like Fashion Design, Interior Design and more have been constantly performing extraordinarily in their academic sessions and securing top most University rankings. We, at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Fashion Design is an intensive course that prepares the aspirant to go through multiple challenges and hone their skills that may stay latent for many. It is an interactive course that requires constant research of the market, the demand of the consumers and the touch of individuality and creativity. JD Institute of Fashion Technology caters to the design field and through its various courses

The photography industry experienced a cataclysmal development as the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in our daily lives and forced us to stay within the confines of our homes. We watched from afar as the photography industry went through a roller-coaster ride. Did we need a professional photographer in our midst, when we have perfectly great cameras on our phones? The answer throughout the

Do you like going to art galleries? Do you also get mesmerized by the variety of paintings and sketches on the display and keep wondering how to do it on your own? Sketching is a pop art form that has always been appreciated. The best part is Sketching does not need a whole bunch of varied tools and is all about the technique. In

Black outfit, an essential of everyone’s wardrobe is the ultimate resort for us on our way out. At times nothing works in a dress- the colour doesn't look suitable for an occasion, you may not have complementary accessories or you are just not in a mood to don a particular shade but black saves us all in those difficult times. It can never

Staying in cities, one element that we are devoid of is serenity. The honks from the roads, the daily humdrum, loud noises from the entertainment system of the neighbours or the awful din from the nearby construction works, the noise has become deeply integrated into our life. And hence, there has been a sudden rise in soundproofing solutions. The multiple sounds in the city

Fake plants are a popular component of interior design. While there are many styles of interior design and decoration, fake plants constitute to be a major element of interior decoration in the minds of interior designers. This is the underlying reason behind the popularity and abundant usage of fake plants in the interior design of residential and commercial interiors. Fake Plants: What makes them