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July 2022

Mobile photography has evolved leaps and bounds in less than 15 years. Picture this:  It’s a clear night sky with twinkling stars that dot the pitch-black canvas. But you are far away from home in your quiet little campsite and you reach for your phone to capture the indelible beauty of the darkness that weighs around to you. You don’t need a high

Getting ready to join the world of Interior design? Colleges are opening and you need to be prepared when you have to step out and be the designer that you always wanted to be.  Well, as a first part of the prep, you can take a look at the essentials you will need to ace the classes. Here are 10 essentials to prepare yourself

Fashion design essentials as a student for your time as a fabulous fashionista starts right here and now. Well, let’s start with a shower of confetti for congratulations on making it into the fashion world. But before you step into the course, you’ll no doubt receive a letter suggesting equipment and books that you might need to buy for the course. But, too excited

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique and cannot be replaced. Sound simple but too tedious to understand? Well, owning an NFT means owning a digital asset that represents real-world objects such as art, music, in-game items or videos. All of this is bought and sold in the digital space, online. What is NFT, in simple terms In simpler terms, it is a digital file with identity

The unkempt hair look, in simpler words, the bed head is not what any of us are aiming for. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up our sleeves none the less. A quick trip to the grocery store? Or a stroll in the park? Or even a business meeting that someone had the grand idea to schedule right in the

Fashion Technology sounds too broad a term to make sense? Here are the 9 basics involved in Fashion Designing. The journey of several essential steps starting from a vague idea to successful merchandising of a marketable product. Fashion Designing is a confluence of culture, trend and location to create apparels and accessories. Here are your basics to understand the world of Fashion Designing curated

Pattern making and garment construction is more than just cutting out patterns on a paper. It needs skill, time, effort and most of all resources. Creating a pattern needs pattern drafting tools. You’ll need the right pattern drafting tools to ensure smooth and easy garment construction. A fashion designer should know about all pattern drafting tools and its uses and specific functions. We at