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How to style unkempt hair? unkempt hair - How to style unkempt hair Thumbnail - How to style unkempt hair?

The unkempt hair look, in simpler words, the bed head is not what any of us are aiming for. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up our sleeves none the less. A quick trip to the grocery store? Or a stroll in the park? Or even a business meeting that someone had the grand idea to schedule right in the morning. Do not fear, for we are here to save you the time and embarrassment of a few loose strands and make you rock the style.

How to make messy, unkempt hair look irresistible? If only Anna in Frozen knew these tricks, she would not be endlessly used for memes about bedheads. We know how to make your bed head rock without having to spend more than 2 minutes in front of your polished and ornate mirror in the morning. Here are 10 looks.

Look 1 – The Duchess bun

Alright! Alright! I am only talking about a messy bun and it has been around for so long now. I just rechristened to be called a Duchess bun. The dainty Duchess or the former diva, Megan Markle herself rocked this messy hair look way more times than the years the queen has sat on her royal throne. If the Duchess has got the attitude to pull that off, well, we can definitely try the messy bun for our next big business meeting. Keep calm and carry on!How to style unkempt hair? unkempt hair - How to style unkempt hair 5 - How to style unkempt hair?

Look 2 – Bed Head pony

Well, they are all bed heads, the messy high ponytail makes you look like you just got out off your plush little bed. Tie up a ponytail on top (full or half) both works fine for this one. Pull a few strands to frame your face. Pair it with a crop top and denim. You are officially perfect enough to walk the ramp in the Paris Fashion week. I guess the French do love bed heads.

Look 3 – Messy Ponytail & cute bangs

Did the cute bangs die and glide over to heaven when you woke up? You can’t visit the salon every day for your stylist to painstakingly blow dry the bangs into place. Perfect the art of a messy ponytail and fluff up those bangs just a little for the messy hair bonanza.How to style unkempt hair? unkempt hair - How to style unkempt hair 1 - How to style unkempt hair?

Look 4 – The top bun [Full]

The top bun is my go-to option for the mornings. Finger comb, twist the bun at the top, pin it in place. Tada! You can stay with it all day and not a strand will look out of place. Also, the messier it gets, the busier you look.

Look 5 – The top bun [Half]

The top buns are fun. Just twist up the top part of your hair into a messy bun. Finger comb the rest in place and another voila! You have a variation just as fun, just as charming. Tried and tested by me, the blogging stranger, works for me, might work for you. Try it out!

Look 6 – The messy bridesmaid

You can’t wear white to the wedding and upstand the bride. She’s your best friend. So, let her shine and you can sport a perfectly good bedhead and she would be grateful for the rest of her life. Comb it fine and make a side braid, pull out a few strands to frame your face. Any floral tiaras and headbands would make you look like the sweetest angel next to your BFF.

Look 7 – The messy bride

It’s your day. Finally! Sleek perfect buns, elaborate twisted hairdo, smooth curls, all those perfectly laid out plans and you hit the aisle with a messy hairdo? Well, here’s one, if you are up for it. Messy low-bun with a headband braid. Perch that glittering headband right on top, pull out a few strands to frame your face and you will stun the crowd with your gushing smile.How to style unkempt hair? unkempt hair - How to style unkempt hair 3 - How to style unkempt hair?

Look 8 – The messy glam

Need to rush to a party but don’t have the time to finish your hair and makeup. Here is messy hair idea for the bed head, although you will need some sparkle of hair accessories and a curling iron to amp up the glam look. Part your hair on one side and add waves using a curling iron. Then, smooth the other side, pin it back and add hair studs randomly on the side you just smoothed over.

Look 9 – The messy princess bun

The sweet and ever-so-soft princess look is one of the easiest to pull off, if you know what to do. Comb your hair to one side. Twist and pin it on the side. As usual, pull a few strands to frame your face and voila! You have a messy princess bun.

Look 10 – The messy layers

It’s all about the mess. Comb to remove any tangles, use a headband to hold it down at the top and let the hair fly to your hearts content. The messy hair is what you are trying to achieve, so let the wind play it up.
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