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July 2022

The first ever Sports day for JD Institute of Design, Goa, was held on 4th June 2022, Saturday. The event started at 9am, and concluded at 2:30pm. The students of fashion and interior design departments all gathered at the Don Bosco’s oratory auditorium at 9am for the inauguration which commenced with an opening speech by sir Umesh Naik, principal of JD Institute, Goa.

Black color - the minute we hear this, our minds directly go to outfits, ain’t it? Have you ever wondered how this mystic and ravishing black color might look in interior design? Can you imagine your interiors soaking in thick black color? Black color is a color that is most often rejected by people before interior designers even propose. The underlying reasons for this

Let’s understand what design means. To put it in simple words, design is the process of envisaging and planning the creation of objects, interactive systems, buildings, vehicles, etc. Its user-centred. It is about creating solutions for people, physical items or more abstract systems to address a need or a problem. It is a very wide-ranging concept and its meaning can greatly vary from one field to another.

The fashion Curriculum at JD Institute of Fashion Technology is wide and varied with the degree or diploma you choose. For each course and the level of understanding that you will require for an ease of introduction in the fashion industry at various levels of employment. To give you a sneak peek into one of our undergraduate courses, here are some of the

The art and glorious history of interior design encompasses all of the artistic take on functional interior pieces and the ornamental objects that decorated the humble homes, palatial palaces and other religious spaces. The evolution of human art in terms of interior design is remarkable, from colourful cave paintings and etching to the smart homes that we live in now. But it is essential to

17th and 18th June proved to be ice-breaking days as JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Goa successfully organized its first exhibition, “DE.CODE” (Design Codified) which displayed the work done by students. The two day event also presented a FREE WORKSHOP, “Design in Everyday Life” by our Interior Design faculty and a trash artist Ms. Rohitha Varghese. The two day event was coordinated by