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Interior Design Trend For 2023 interior design trend - Interior Design Trend For 2023 Thumbanil - Interior Design Trend For 2023

Any space leaves a mark on us. When we enter any space, we tend to notice the nitty gritty of it and try to replicate a part of it in our comfort place. Interior Design is a domain of constant change and with every passing year the trends change. The Interior Design trend  over the past few years has moved on to a more sustainable angle.

If we notice the interior design trend of last year, the sustainability factor became the primary factor in quotidian life. Even in the most colloquial ways, our acquaintance with eco-friendly practices has increased. Biophilic designs, introduction to zen space inside homes, breakout zones in the offices, ergonomic design approaches were some of the trends that most of the interior designers followed and proposed designs accordingly.

Our affinity to green living has definitely increased since last year or since the lockdown period that tested the survival of humankind. Moreover, with the pandemic we also paid more attention to our space and tried to improve our living by altering the interiors.

As interior designers, you always need to understand these trends and work your creativity through it. And that is why to keep you on your toes, we are bringing the glimpse of what’s going to follow in the year of 2023. So hold on to your imaginations and take a peek:

1. Wellness As The Priority:

Physical and mental wellbeing has become important for everyone. With increased talk about mental health and increasing awareness, we all have started to address it and are constantly striving to keep it in good shape. With these changes in the thought-process, the design industry that aims to find the solution for every kind has been changing its approach. Interior designers are nowadays focusing on curating spaces that soothes your mind and helps you lead a healthy life. Introduction to light hues and subtlety has become a trend. Open spaces and minimalism gives a sense of freedom and people approach it.


Interior Design Trend For 2023 interior design trend - Interior Design Trend For 2023 1 - Interior Design Trend For 2023


2. Peeping Into The Past:

Holding on to your roots has never been a bad move. In the fashion industry, old trends are making a way into our lives and in the similar way interior design trends are also embarking on getting a thing from the past. In the year 2023 the domain of interior design is going to follow the attributes of the Art Deco period. Art Deco is characterised by rich colour, bold geometry and luxurious interiors. But unlike old days, the designers would be picking one feature and putting it in your space. Hand in hand with minimalism, one pop of geometry, colour or exuberant lighting would be there to be in pace with the trend.


Interior Design Trend For 2023 interior design trend - Interior Design Trend For 2023 2 - Interior Design Trend For 2023

3. Improved Workspace:

We spend most of our time inside the four walls of our workspace, hence interior designers are aiming to bring a change inside the offices. The fresh look inside the workspace not only changes the aesthetics but also improves the mood of the employees. Moreover, a change in environment also makes people enthusiastic and help them focus better. Going ahead, breakout and calming spaces inside the offices are also becoming an integral part of development. Open offices are also becoming a thing that gives a sense of easy work coordination and removes the boundary of hierarchy, leading to more productivity.

Interior Design Trend For 2023 interior design trend - Interior Design Trend For 2023 3 - Interior Design Trend For 2023


4. Green And Natural:

Becoming a plant parent is on rise and we love every bit of it. Interior design is shifting towards green living where more and more people are opting for indoor plants and looking forward to bringing greenery in their home. Gone are the days of artificial plants, people are now opting for succulents and evergreen plants that are low maintenance but bring freshness. These days, when you enter someone’s home, a dedicated corner for plants is clearly visible which inspires others also to bring it into their households.

Moreover, natural light sources are appreciated more. Interior design is no more about extravagant lights and decoration but focuses on connecting the lost bond between human and nature.

Interior Design Trend For 2023 interior design trend - Interior Design Trend For 2023 4 - Interior Design Trend For 2023

Interior design trend in 2023 is all about connecting us with our surroundings. As interior designers, you need to embark on an exquisite journey  of recognising the latest trend and explore it in your own style. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, interior designers apart from the usual pedagogy also learn how to read and explore new trends and stay up to date in their design journey.