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What is visual merchandising ? what is visual merchandising - Thumbnail Image 3 - What is visual merchandising ?

What is visual merchandising ? Visual merchandising is the art and practice of displaying or presenting items or products of a retail store that accentuate the product’s features and benefit, with the main goal of creating interest in a prospective consumer so that they might make a purchase. Traditionally visual merchandising has been limited to physical stores, but with the increased reliance on digital platforms, visual merchandising has expanded itself to online retail stores as well. It is not only about making products look great, but also implementing presentation strategies that increase revenue. The role of a visual merchandiser is to create presentations using window displays, mannequins, interactive experience, signage and so on.

Importance of visual merchandising 

The role of visual merchandising is to not only create interest in the individual product that is presented, but also to convey the unique visual language of the brand. The presentation of a retail shop has the ability to enhance the experience of consumer retail shopping through its user-friendly and user-efficient way of display that encourages consumers to enter their stores and potentially invest in spending. The role of a visual merchandiser, who is the individual who practices visual merchandising is to understand various presentation methods that can enhance the ability of the consumer to purchase. This involves a deep understanding of consumer psychology and human spending and buying pattern.

What is visual merchandising ? what is visual merchandising - Visual Merchandising 1 - What is visual merchandising ?

Visual merchandising

Types of visual merchandising 

  1. Window display: Visual merchandising window display  is a primary concept in its practice. Having an aesthetically pleasing window display can attract prospective consumers to walk into a store and check out the various products that it offers. A window display can create curiosity and anticipation in the consumer by providing them with a look into the kind products that they retail, as well as any promotions or promotional activities that are going on.
  2. Interactive display: Visual merchandising interactive display can take any form that incorporates technological or digital intervention. Retail stores can incorporate virtual reality in visual merchandising in order to show consumers how that product will look on them without trying it on. Interactive displays can also use feedback systems or any other way of technology used to create interest and engagement.
  3. Signage: Signage in visual merchandising can take the form of any visual communication that aids in the presentation of the products. It can be a poster, a board, a banner or any textual or sign communication, or it can be a combination of all these to give optimum and appropriate amount of information without overwhelming the consumer.
  4. Mannequin: Visual merchandising mannequin are a main element to show how garments will look like on a human body. Usage of mannequins in any shop regardless of apparel is important as the products that any retail shop sells are human-centric in nature.
    What is visual merchandising ? what is visual merchandising - Visual Merchandising 2 - What is visual merchandising ?

    Visual merchandising

What is visual merchandising is a common question that new individuals entering the field of fashion and retail ask. With the current progression of the world through the pandemic where consumers are conscious of what they buy and spend resources on provides a competitive opportunity to visual merchandisers to come up with new ways of presentation strategies that investigate how innovative display styles can assist the consumer in buying their products improving their revenue. Visual merchandising forms a core aspect of the fashion business, marketing and merchandise; with it, fashion business gains momentum and profit. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru’s M.A. in Fashion Communication which covers visual merchandising course enables students to gain the knowledge and skill required to come with new ways of visual merchandising presentation and to explore how to augment fashion business and revenue with its effective practice.

What is visual merchandising ?