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July 2018

Diploma vs Degree courses in Fashion Design. Which one to choose? A decade ago, when a person was asked to chose his/her career it wasn’t much of choice for them. They had at most three options, engineering, medicine or chartered accountancy. There were only a few people who took up their passion as a career. Fashion designing was one such option, in earlier days

Wabi Sabi – The art of being Perfectly Imperfect is taking the world by storm The Japanese have a passion for the modern world charm which exists in complete harmony with the aesthetic tendencies favouring refinement and antiquity. The age-old cherished concept of Wabi Sabi is an expression of appreciation and beauty. There is no precise definition to express the concept and depth. No one

Interior Design Students make the most of the Industrial Visit | Nitco Ltd and PC Mallappa co. Field trips and store visits give students practical learning experience away from their regular classroom activities. The students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology are exposed to various industrial visits to broaden their horizon towards practically oriented curriculum. As a part of their module, the Diploma in

VINTAGE IS THE NEW CHIC Vintage furniture and décor accessories are one of the popular trends in decoration. The elements depict romantic, luxurious and modern interior design. The arrangement created with vintage furniture & fixtures looks interesting and gives a classy look. Antiques are the backbone of this style. It’s important to create a focal point in a room. This is because it takes the

A Sneak Peak into Kangana Ranaut’s Style Kangana Ranaut the cool sassy Indian actress who is open to experimentation not only with her films but also with her style. She is the epitome of making different and bold choices ever since she entered Bollywood. Her personality does shines and it is distinctive. She believes in making her own path and does not care what

INDIAN FASHION ON A GLOBAL STAGE India has been the land of rich textiles and exemplary artistry which is evident in its exquisite garments. Hollywood for long, have featured Indian designs in their movies as being loud. International recognition pervaded Indian designers for quite long. With globalization and having access to various resources at the tap of a finger, a well-travelled and well-heeled designer

Everything about Fashion Design Courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology The creative industry of India is evolving faster than ever, and Fashion and Design have now become major, booming professional sectors. Due to the vibrancy, growth and luxury in the line of work, more students are inclining towards studying Fashion Design, Technology, Management and related creative courses such as Interior Design Course, Jewellery

Going Beyond the Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Talk at JD Institute Fitness is the key to a healthy life for years to come. Even a small effort towards incorporating a healthy lifestyle counts and ensures the overall betterment of the individual. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology always believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Keeping health a priority, a Breast cancer awareness

Fashion Department Students in Conversation with Zeven- an Indian Sportswear brand JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been successfully striving towards creating a global consortium of creativity and imagination. Keeping in tune with the dynamism of the design industry, the aim of JD is to create a network between industry and designers from the institute. Recently, Fashion design department was explored to the new