Everything about Fashion Design Courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Fashion Design

Everything about Fashion Design Courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Everything about Fashion Design Courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

The creative industry of India is evolving faster than ever, and Fashion and Design have now become major, booming professional sectors. Due to the vibrancy, growth and luxury in the line of work, more students are inclining towards studying Fashion Design, Technology, Management and related creative courses such as Interior Design Course, Jewellery Design Course or Fashion Photography Course.

Everything about Fashion Design Courses

The History of JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Founded in 1988 by Mr Chandrakant Dalal and Mr, RC Dalal, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is an arm of JD Educational trust, which is one of the oldest institutes of art and design in the country. The founders had a vision in mind, of a place that would nurture and nourish the imagination and creativity of the students and help them transform their flights of fancy into those of success and freedom.

The visionaries have been giving their all for about 3 decades to provide the best facilities to the young minds. That is why JD Institute is reputed everywhere in the country and is on its way to becoming the best. There are more than 30 centres of JD Institute of Fashion Technology all across the nation, imparting educational excellence that the founders wanted the students to receive.

What makes the JD Institute of Fashion Technology stand out?

JD Institute of Fashion Technology was founded with the belief that there is a creative side in every student that needs polishing. The institute has been helping boost the imagination in the students by providing them with the right environment, world-class infrastructure and facilities, qualified teachers and experienced mentors. The overall aim of the institute is not just to create eligible, innovative youngsters but also to embed in them the feelings of humanity, harmony and prospering with everyone.

Everything about Fashion Design Courses
The various Fashion Design Programs include classroom studies, interactive lectures and seminars, creative projects and exposure to the industry. The inter-disciplinary course curriculum at the institute imparts comprehensive knowledge of the Indian and global fashion industries to the students. This includes the entire design and manufacture process, management processes and economic aspects of the industry. The students are kept up to date with all trends and changes in the fashion world.

The course curriculum pays special emphasis on bringing out the imagination of every individual student for them to be their best. The institute also takes its students on regular visits and tours to major fashion houses and invites top industry personalities, to provide first-hand knowledge and experience to the young, igniting minds.

Some of the fashion design and management programs offered at JD Institute of Fashion Technology are B.Sc in Fashion Apparel Design

This is an undergraduate level program lasting for three years. The total batch intake for JDIFT B.Sc in Fashion Apparel Design is 30 students every year. Through this course, the students learn to picture, design and create fashion apparels. The course curriculum covers all the relevant topics from fabric analysis to garment construction. The course syllabus is up to date with the latest fashion trends and prepares the students to not just design garments but predict and create patterns of their own.

Everything about Fashion Design Courses

Diploma in Fashion Design

This is a 1 year dedicated certification course with an intake of 25 students every year. The Diploma in Fashion Design at JD offers complete theoretical and practical knowledge of apparel design to the students by letting them realise their imaginations. The students also get a chance to display their designs to top industry personalities at their own runway fashion show.

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design

This 2-year course aims at developing the students’ research and expression capabilities. The program offers the students the complete knowledge and skills that they need to establish themselves in the industry. The students learn to do extensive research and understand and deliver the demands of clients while keeping up with the immediate changes in the world of fashion and apparel.

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication

This is a 2-year course through which students learn creative writing and strategies to sell their brands. The course curriculum comprises of classroom lectures that teach in-depth the techniques to increase brand popularity. Along with the lecturers, the students also get opportunities to observe mainstream fashion events and collaborate with foreign universities, getting exposed to the global fashion market.

Apart from the highly specialised courses in fashion technology, JD Institute of Fashion Technology also offers a plethora of diploma courses in other creative fields. Some of the highly popular creative arts programs run by JDIFT Mumbai are:

Diploma in Fashion Photography (25 seats)

Diploma in Make-up Artistry (25 seats)

Diploma in Hair Styling (25 seats)

Diploma in Fashion Business Management (25 seats)

Diploma in Jewellery Design (25 seats)

Diploma in Interior Design (25 seats)

These courses open various career opportunities for the students like fashion designers, brand managers, buyers, visual merchandisers, fashion analysts, media strategists, fashion editors and so on. The students from JD institute are quickly absorbed into the fashion industry as the institute has a reputed name and strong ties not just in India, it holds a respectable position in the international fashion industry as well. The alumni from the institute have well-established themselves as successful entrepreneurs, part of major fashion houses and other corporations and as fashion and creative consultants across the globe.

Everything about Fashion Design Courses

How to Apply

The institute has an integrated online application form that enables candidates to submit their interest to the institute. Through this interest form, the candidate is further enquired about their profile, and specialisation interest. After assessing the fitment of the candidate’s interests and capabilities with their program of choice, seats are allotted.

The website of the institute www.jdinstitute.com features a complete list of all the programs offered, their curriculum, the scope of applicability and future opportunities in the domain.

Candidates must go through the program details carefully before applying for a course so that they have complete information about what to expect from the course. More information about the college, its faculties and programs, exposure and employment opportunities etc. is available on the website.

For young aspirants thinking about making it big in the fashion industry, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the best destinations for learning, preparing and letting their imagination run free. The faculty do not just impart to the students the knowledge they need to join the industry, but they provide the skills that make every student unique, and best in their own way. Before you decide on the college for your higher education, evaluate your options well, discuss the program specifications and their fitment with your goals. After all, a good institute goes a long way in shaping your professional success and personal achievements in life.