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September 2021

Interior design ideas are innumerable. Every interior designer that passes out of a design institute has at least one ingenious interior design idea in his pocket that goes on to become a trend. A house with pets is a different challenge for interior designers and decorators altogether. The interior design of such a house, apart from hailing from the group of modern interior design,

Facial steaming is one of the most recommended ways to hydrate and deep cleanse your skin. People tend to use facial cleansers but some prefer water vapors for facial cleansing. When it comes to steaming your face, people prefer adding some salt, lemon, tea, dried herbs and oils to make the most out of steaming. Improved circulation, serum absorption and sense of relaxation. Having said

Jewellery manufacturing is the base foundation for every jewellery business. There are four methods of manufacturing jewellery - hand fabrication, lost-waxing cast, die striking, and electroforming. Although not every method is used in every jewellery brand, when in the jewellery industry or pursuing a career in jewellery designing, it is important to know the different manufacturing methods and how they are used to

Jewellery boutique is a retail business ornamentation, specialization in the sale and purchase of jewellery and watches. A jewellery boutique provides many services from repairs of old jewellery to manufacturing pieces. Although, every jewellery boutique has their own way of running the business. Aakran Jewellery Boutique This jewellery is based in Sadashivnagar, Bengaluru. They have been in the jewellery business for 32 years and specialise

The use of plants has been a classical method of decoration in the process of interior design. Plants have always been human’s best friend and interior designers with their creativity and expertise in their field have spruced up the interiors to make them aesthetically pleasing. The use of plants in interior design Whether it is a house, home office or a cafe, the use of

A kids bathroom although seems fairly similar to a regular bathroom is different on so many levels. Unlike adults, kids are not aware of safety measures that need to be taken while in a bathroom. A kid’s bathroom must be designed in a holistic way checking the entire bucket list of safety, visually appealing, modern and 2021-functional. Interior design ideas as recommended by interior

Photojournalism is a type in which photos are used to communicate a news article. It is generally commonly believed to refer only to still photos, but it can also refer to video in broadcast journalism in specific situations. The first form involves the use of an image to illustrate a tale. Many feature journalists collaborate closely with photographers and commission them to create