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August 2022

Beary’s Global Research Triangle (BGRT) is India’s first Research Park with LEED Platinum certification from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and USGBC – a nationally accepted benchmark for Green Buildings. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is the internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance of green buildings. LEED emphasises state-of-the-art strategies

Fusion fashion in simple terms is a combination of two or more different cultures clothing and accessory styles to create unique look that represents each of the individual cultural backgrounds. The creative blend of different cultures in clothing is a fashion movement that combats cultural appropriation, if done right. Bring out the intimidating and wild Amazonian to life in a docile Kimono, mix

The rich and diverse handloom heritage of India is to be celebrated for all the eclectic contributions to the handloom and textile heritage of the world. Our country is the origin and home to countless gorgeous and rich handlooms and textiles. We as a proud and ancient country produce roughly 85 percent of the world’s handwoven products and we have the most diversity

Goth style is all about unleashing all the darkness that hides in the shadow that follows you. Come over to the dark side – it’s devilishly hot and stylish here. Although it’s no fashion secret that black is a perennial favourite of any fashion show or any trending collection, it is easily the best look on the shelf that calls you over to

How to style denim without a major fashion faux pas? Denim is a mainstay in all our wardrobes but most often, we find ourselves reaching for it when in a hurry to rush out or as a last resort when your laundry pile exceeds critical range. Wearing denim is more than just the colour of pants and the fashion rips in them. The

Fluid fashion, talk of the hour. Fashion and styling are of personal choice but society does have some norms when it comes to gender-based clothing and styling. Although the accepted norms are for the society, we have the freedom to wear and style our clothing to our liking. This is all there is to discuss about fashion and styling for men and women