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Fusion fashion in simple terms is a combination of two or more different cultures clothing and accessory styles to create unique look that represents each of the individual cultural backgrounds. The creative blend of different cultures in clothing is a fashion movement that combats cultural appropriation, if done right. Bring out the intimidating and wild Amazonian to life in a docile Kimono, mix up a constricting English corset with a fluid Indian saree. The vivid styling is what makes the fashion unique.  

The concept of fusion fashion allows you to experiment and explore fashion that transcends cultures and geographical boundaries. You can experiment designing your outfits with an extensive colour palette, patterns, fabrics, accessory schemes, shapes and fitting. Find your fusion with learning different cultures and how fashion evolved to suit the needs of people in a geographical location far from your own. The key lies in creativity. If you, do it just right you can pair an Indian “Jumkhe” with a formal attire, all you need is a dash of creativity and confidence to pull it off in your social circle.

The fusion fashion has gained much traction and is increasingly popularity all over world. The diverse cultures and traditions across the world have given us endless possibilities. The only catch here is to be sensitive and respectful about the cultures and traditions, and be proactive in attributing of your ideas and inspirations to the culture that inspired you to create the ensemble. It is a fashion crime to not attribute your creation if you draw inspiration from a different culture. Here are 6 best fusion fashion ideas for us all Indians. Let’s get trendy and traditional and up the level for the next party!Fusion Fashion fusion fashion - Fusion Fashion 2 - Fusion Fashion

1. Crop top with Palazzo

Bored of pairing crop tops with high waist jean? Try something new. Pair your crop top with a palazzo pants. Wear a good sized heal to give you the height. Try a monochrome look and contrast with a funky jacket or try a complimenting pair of palazzo and crop top. Junk jewellery gives it a whole Indo-western fusion fashion look.

2. Dhoti pants and cape jacket – I know it sounds all free flowing and shapeless around you. But if you do right, there’s nothing more flattering than a fluid outfit that flows around you. Pair dhoti pants with a crop top or short top and long length cape jacket. The fluid flattering look is perfect for a fun party look. Again, pair it with some extravagant junk jewellery and you are ready for a fusion fashion ramp or your BFF’s mehendi.

Fusion Fashion fusion fashion - Fusion Fashion 1 - Fusion Fashion

3. Fun Anarkali look 

How to make the traditional and the almost ancient Anarkali look trendy? Use a belt. It’s that simple. The plain old Anarkali will be worthy of a fashion ramp with just a belt. Pin down the dupatta with the broad belt with an added flair of traditional jewellery. The Anarkali in all its old-world glory is all that you need from your wardrobe and a broad belt for some flair. Experiment the look for your next event and have fun!

4. Western lehenga 

For the next big celebration or festival, shop through the stores or scroll through the endless online shopping sites to find yourself a buff peplum top that compliments your lehenga, pair it with a high heeled pumps and traditional Indian jewellery for a look that enraptures every Instagram post with showering hearts. A trendy lehenga look that outshines traditional lehengas around you.Fusion Fashion fusion fashion - Fusion Fashion 4 - Fusion Fashion

5. Casual boyfriend jeans

A simple low-rise boyfriend jeans and a Cami top enhanced with an open front shrug. A mild colour top with a complimenting vibrant shrug is all that you need for an Indo-western perfection of simple and casual every day fusion fashion. High heels or sneakers, everything pairs well with this outfit. Up your game on the trendy jewellery and traditional jewellery, for it is a perfect ensemble that glues with all of the accessories or none of the accessories. Our best bet would be a nude makeup with a traditional choker.Fusion Fashion fusion fashion - Fusion Fashion 3 - Fusion Fashion

6. Fusion fashion show-stopper

The stunning show-stopper needs a saree, calf length ripped jean, Victorian collar top and a broad belt. Sounds bizarre? Well, do not fret. We’ll tell how best to style this show-stopper fusion fashion. Wear your pants and your Victorian collar free-form blouse. Drape your saree with broad pleats and a long pallu that grazes past your ankle. A broad belt is all you need to hold the saree in place as you stun your social group. The high heeled pumps with an attitude that raises your fashion game like never before. Next office summer party, find yourself stunning your crowd with your show-stopper outfit of fusion fashion.