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International Literacy Day: The Spark Of Creative Education

The International Literacy Day in 2021 is diametrically different and significant in the realm of humanity. The COVID 19 crisis if has done any good, it is the unraveling of the third eye of the importance of creative education.

This year, the theme for International Literacy Day is ‘Literacy for a human-centered recovery and Narrowing the digital divide.’ While every year, the focus was on raising awareness about being literate in the span of life, the year 2021 has gone a step ahead in traversing the fabric of literacy into the sectarian needles of society.

The Proliferation of Creative Education in India

This raises yet another crucial question – What constitutes the core of literacy according to International Literacy Day? The realm of creative education was barely considered as a core element of the Indian education system. Today, creative education has grown to become one of the principal layers of the Indian education system, delivering students with creative skills needed to attain specialization.

The demand for such unconventional but immensely potential academic schools, today, has led to the rise of about 1359 photography schools, 822 fashion design schools, 1338 design schools and 270 graphic design colleges.

Creative careers in India have skyrocketed in the last two decades. The demand for creative professionals has increased with the dire need for a quality life.

The Incursion of the Pandemic 

While youngsters are inclining towards creative careers to design a path in the same, the pandemic struck a rather negative chord in the lives of people. However, this has not halted learning.

International Literacy Day: The Spark Of Creative Education

International Literacy Day: The Spark of Creative Education

The pandemic dug out the relevance of creative education as a significant element of attaining literacy in India. With an amalgamation of literacy and digital phenomena, the gravity of creative education is certainly amplified. Work from home is becoming the language of the day and this has resulted in the augmentation of creative careers. This is primarily due to the luxury creative careers offers. A fashion designer or a jewelry designer can sit in the comfort of their bedrooms and still be able to meet their deadlines. This ease of working not only simplifies the workflow but also helps in increasing the company’s profits.

Creative education like interior design courses, graphic design courses, fashion design courses, jewelry courses have acquired immense significance in the realm of education, and this is transparent in the statistics of creative institutions, design schools and colleges in the country.

International Literacy Day: The Spark Of Creative Education

International Literacy Day: The Spark of Creative Education

International Literacy Day in the digital age has transformed its motto from making people literate to delivering education that they are passionate about and away from conventional education. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is one such design institute in Bangalore that has been offering the best creative education since 1988.

International Literacy Day: The Spark Of Creative Education