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Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 Thumbnail - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 

Best Hair Perfumes lists are quite short when it comes to Indian brands. Internationally there are many brands, but hard to find the ones that are genuine and worth the investment made. Despite the lack of hair perfume brands in India, there are some new ones that have made their name in the Indian market.

Not many would have heard of hair perfumes, most because it is not predominant here. Hair perfumes, as the name states, adds fragrance to the hair and keeps it smelling fresh and pleasant throughout the day.

The hair is porous, therefore, it tends to retain aroma well. That is also one of the reasons that most hair products are fragranced. Many may question as to why regular perfumes cannot be used even to the hair, this is because hair perfumes contain less alcohol content which keep the hair hydrated and does not make the hair brittle.

Here is a list of the best hair perfumes that are good in quality as well as affordable:

Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 1 - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 
1. BBlunt Hot Shot 

BBlunt is one of the most trusted hair brands in India that have a loyal customer base for their hair styling and hair care products. One among these well known hair products is their ‘Hot Shot Hair Mist’ that is jam packed with grapeseed oil and provitamin B5. It is paraben free, SLS and sulphate free, making it on the top of the best hair perfumes list. Apart from the fragrance, this hair perfume also provides heat protection against hair styling. When it comes to the pricing of the product, it may seem like it is a bit highly priced, but the product inside the bottle lasts upto 45 days.

Price: Rs. 413/- for 150ml

Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 2 - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 
2. Coccoon Polishing Hair Mist Spray

The ‘Coccoon’ is an upcoming brand that is an organic and cruelty-free brand that was launched in 2018. They are an organic and cruelty-free brand. Their products have gained quite the fan base in the past two years and have started to gain recognition among many skincare lovers. One of their most desired products is the ‘Polishing Hair Mist’. This hair mist is unisex and for all hair types. It has active green tea and green apple content which give the hair a natural shine and glossy finish. It also tames frizzy hair and can be used on wet as well as dry hair. On using this product, it is given as an instant result of shine smoothness to the hair. The product is priced as pocket-friendly and affordable by all making it second on the best hair perfumes list

Price: Rs. 244/- for 100ml

Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 3 - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 
3. Skin Story Keratin Hair Mist

‘The Skin Story’ is a well known Indian brand that has made its mark for all their skincare and hair care products. They are a cruelty-free, paraben free and non-toxic brand. They have products for both men and women which have resulted in their customer base. Their keratin hair mist is also one the most desired products among many women for its natural fragrance and end result. The main ingredient in this product is the ‘kiwi extract’ that helps achieve hydrated and healthy hair. It also protects the hair from UV rays and dust as well as strengthens the hair and conditions it. Their products are priced at an accessible price.

Price: Rs. 245/- for 100ml

Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 4 - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 
4. Good Vibes Bhringraj Nourishing Hair Mist

The ‘Good Vibes Bhringraj Nourishing Hair Mist’ is specifically designed to help with damaged and weak hair. It helps prevent hair fall and premature greying of the hair. It is also paraben free and cruelty-free. It results in glossy and smooth hair and avoids the greasy hair look that most people worry about. Their pricing has always been on the pocket-friendly side.

Price: Rs. 172/- for 50ml


Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! best hair perfumes - Best Hair Perfumes Top 5 5 - Best Hair Perfumes: Top 5! 
5. Livon Shake And Spray

Every Indian woman has heard of ‘Livon’. It has been in the market for a decade and has been ruling since then. They were the first ever Indian brand to come up with the leave-in conditioner to detangle tangled hair. Their serums and mists have upped their game since. Their ‘Shake And Spray’ collection has gained a lot of popularity and has lived up to their brand value. This product is suitable for all hair types and is made for the ‘on-the-go’ concept for women who love to hustle. It contains vitamin B fortified water that keeps the hair moisturised and frizz free the entire day. The pricing of this product is one of the reasons it has made it to the list of best hair perfumes.

Price: Rs. 175/- for 100ml


Best Hair Perfumes can be many in the market, but not all will suit every individual. It is important to choose your hair care products wisely, as it may break or make the experience. There are hairstyle courses that will help you gain knowledge about the different types of hair products for various benefits that will also give you an idea of what may suit your hair as well. And it is also important to remember that ‘Less Is More’.