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Celluloid Chronicles A Tribute To Indian Cinema (3)

Designer: Neha Manjunath

Celluloid Chronicles – A Tribute To Indian Cinema

Celluloid Chronicles aims at creating a dynamic and visually captivating set design for a talk show that pays tribute to the rich history and evolution of Indian cinema. The design was presented during the JD Design Awards by Neha Manjunath who has pursued her BSc in Interior Design and Decoration from JD School of Design. The concept revolves around showcasing the transformative journey of Indian cinema, highlighting the various eras, genres, and iconic films that have shaped its development over the years. The set design created an immersive environment that reflects the grandeur, vibrancy, and cultural significance of Indian cinema while providing a comfortable and engaging space for the talk show host and guests.


Celluloid Chronicles received the Best Set Design Award from JD Design Awards.

JDDA 2023

Photography Credits: Prem Pandora, Sundar, Vasanth