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M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design – Singhania University – 2 Years

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Fashion and Textile Design offered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology campus in Bangalore is a two-year postgraduate program that runs in collaboration with Singhania University. The course involves itself with the education and enquiry of fibre and its various methodologies in the construction and development of textile, and its application in design. The approach of the program supports an extensive and interdisciplinary pedagogy that focuses on the development of knowledge, technologies and science of fibre processing and its relevance in fashion design. Innovative in its nature, the course aims to develop decision-making and problem-solving capabilities in the students through an approach that is sustainable in its nature.


The textile industry is the backbone of the fashion industry. The M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design which is a studio-based practical program trains students in the knowledge of fibre and textiles for fashion design through an innovative approach. The course enables students to identify problems or potential issues faced in the current textile industry and to enquire into these with measures that are efficient and adaptable. Being a multi-faceted discipline, the program emphases on the creative interface between materials, making, meaning and management.

  • Knowledge of textiles and its sustainable processes enable its application in fashion through an approach that is responsive and relevant to the current global climate. 
  • Understanding fibre opens possibilities for challenging any prevailing unsustainable practices and identifying scope for innovation. 
  • The students develop agility in visualisation, design research and methodologies and to work with colour and materials.
  • The programme supports an exploration of the creative, technological, cultural, commercial and sustainable context of textiles, and through the development of innovative ideas, students challenge the understanding of the practice and discipline of textile and design. 
  • With a strong emphasis on the trends and forecast, students are encouraged to attain a holistic understanding of the complete supply chain of textile and fashion materials.
  • Students at the Master’s level will gain advanced view on the process, creative and technical methodologies involved in fashion and textile design; this equips them with the skills to start their own independent business or work in the textile/fashion/apparel industry.
  • Gain understanding, awareness and implementation of sustainable processes involved in the making of textiles and fashion; along with understanding of forecasting, entrepreneurship and marketing. 
  • Development of the skill of the student to articulate efficiently through visual and verbal means. 
  • Develop material dexterity and the ability to work with a broad range of materials, and through this process develop the understanding of the tangible and intangible materiality of our lives with respect to the range of sectors in the apparel industry.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has the reputation of developing students as per the industry requirements. The curriculum is formulated based on the advice of the industry and academy specialists. JD Institute has got a strong Industry – Institute Linkage, wherein lots of Textile/Fashion/ Apparel industries are part of it.

  • The ability to carry out the roles and responsibilities associated with the position of senior designer, design head in fashion and textile industry, senior manager, senior textile merchandiser, senior fabric analyst, material sourcing specialist, colour and trend forecasting, colour technologist, craft and handloom specialist, and other management positions held by creative talents, within the framework of the ever-increasing convergence of textile, fashion, apparel and other related fields.
  • Post graduates will have the ability to set up their own textile studio after completing the course.
  • Opportunity to work with various fashion buying houses and export houses.
  • Ability to work with various textile/fashion brands.

M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design is a specialised course in the field of textiles and fashion industry offered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology consists that provides: 

  • Opportunity to associate with various luxury brands across the globe.
  • Access to visit and collaborate with famous textile/fashion colleges around the world.
  • Participation and recognition through JD annual design awards function which happens every year in which prominent fashion professionals across India will be a part.
  • Linkage to various fashion industries to engage in activities such as visits, projects and collaborations.


  • Fashion Studies
  • Fashion Illustration and Rendering
  • Fabric Studies and Design Applications
  • CAD in Textiles
  • Market research in textiles and fashion
  • Integrated technology in textiles
  • Sustainability in Textiles and Fashion
  • Forecasting
  • Merchandising – I –  Product
  • Textile Processing
  • Contextual studies of World textiles
  • Design Project – I
  • Surface design techniques
  • Global Sourcing and Supply chain
  • Product development4
  • Total Quality Management
  • Design Project II
  • Thesis – I
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Merchandising – II – Retail
  • Thesis – II


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