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Ruder D, student of BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration at JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru accomplished an amazing rank in Bengaluru City University. Ruder is a smart student who did really well in his interior design studies. He understood difficult ideas easily and used them well in his projects, which got him high praise and recognition from his professors and classmates. Despite doing really well in his academics, Ruder

Anoushka Makhija, a student of BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design from JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, secured second rank in Bengaluru City University examination. We are extremely proud of our outstanding student and her achievements. It is truly inspiring to see students achieve notable milestones in the areas of academic excellence. The road to success is often

Surabhi B S from BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design at JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, secured the prestigious first rank from Bengaluru City University. In the realm of fashion and apparel design, a bright star has emerged, captivating the attention of all who have witnessed her remarkable achievements. With immense talent, unwavering dedication, and an impressive

It's a time of year when streets are filled up with holiday lights, Christmas trees are decorated months in advance, cribs with nativity scenes are constructed, and homes and offices look like one big party sphere. Around the world, people are jubilant and passionately celebrating it. Every country has its own traditions for celebrating Christmas. Among the more well-known customs are the giving

On December 4th, students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin organized a street fashion show at the Flea Market-Christmas Carnival in collaboration with All Things Bright, Kaloor International Stadium. All things bright is an open platform that includes fun,art,music,events,and flea for budding entrepreneurs and artists to gather and connect while showcasing their Merchandise,products,or services on this christmas carnival students of jd institute of

National Entrepreneurship Day has been designated to honor innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership around the globe. can rely on those who encourage, inspire, and push us to aim for higher levels of creativity and accomplishment.This day is intended to express gratitude and respect to those who have prevailed over all the challenges that have come their way. The 21st of August each year is

JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design Bangalore participated in the GTE Garment Technology Expo held in Bangalore. The grand event which is committed to apparel technology in India took place at the Palace Ground, Bangalore from 8th October to 10th October and highlighted the need for the expansion and upgradation of garment production base in the nation. In the three