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JDSD Hosts The Inter Collegiate Judo Championship inter collegiate judo championship - JDSD Hosts The Inter Collegiate Judo Championship Thumbnail - JDSD Hosts The Inter Collegiate Judo Championship

In collaboration with Bengaluru City University, JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology organised an Inter Collegiate Judo Championship 2022-2023. Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru played host to the event that took place on the 24th of December.

Chief guests for the day included Mr. Nealesh Dalal, who is the Managing Trustee of the JD Educational Trust; Ms. Sandra Agnes, Director – South of the JD Institute; Mr. Pramod Adhikari, who is the Chief Mentor of the JD Institute; and Mr. Rajesh, who is the Judo Coach for the Sports Authority of India. Mr. B R Prasad, Principal of the JD School of Design, and Mr. Manu Kumar N P, Physical Education Director at the JD School of Design, were the individuals responsible for organising the event.

Participating institutes included Seshadripuram College, VV Puram College, Bapu College, RC College, and Government Arts College, amongst many others. The Inter-Collegiate Judo Championship witnessed the participation of over forty pupils.

Judo is a type of martial art that was first practised in Japan but has now spread all over the world due to its inclusion as an Olympic sport. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964, the sport of judo was officially “internationalised.”

This style of martial arts places a significant focus on the utilisation of leverage and fast movement in order to throw an opponent. Instead of focusing on engaging in direct battle, its techniques often focus on neutralising the force of its adversary. When practising judo, one must successfully throw, pin, or otherwise take control of one’s opponent by exerting pressure to the arm or neck joints.

People can enhance their basic physical fitness in a variety of ways by practising the techniques of judo, such as by increasing their strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, quickness, dynamic and static equilibrium, and explosive power. The practice of active offence and defence leads to improvements in coordination, reaction time, and overall physical self-confidence.

Rajesh Saraki from Jnana Jyothi College in the under 60 KG weight division, Puneeth from Al – Ameen College in the under 66 KG weight division, Md. Nasrullah Khan from R.C. College in the under 73 KG weight division, Dileep R. from R.C. College in the under 81 KG weight division, Akash D.N. from Sheshadripuram College in the under 90 KG weight clinched the first place in the men’s category.

During the championship, the first place winners in the women’s category were as follows: Suchitra from V.V.Puram College in the under 48 kg weight category; Yashaswini from A.P.S. College in the under 52 kg weight category; Janani from R.C. College in the under 57 kg weight category; Shruthi from R.C. College in the under 70 kg weight category; Sanjana from Ramaiah College in the under 78 kg weight category.

After the top rankers were revealed, the winners of the competition as a whole were also announced. Both the men’s and women’s categories were won by R C College, making them the overall champions of the Inter-Collegiate Judo Championship 2022.