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Designer: Elton Francisco Fernandes

Industrial Dinette- A Tribute To Pierce Widera Interior Design Firm

Elton Francisco Fernandes, a student of JD School of Design, Goa pursuing his BSc. in Interior Design showcased the project Industrial Dinette at the JD Design Awards 2023. The designer’s concept was to design a sustainable restaurant space of industrial style by using reclaimed/ recycled materials. His concept is inspired by Pierce Widera Interior Design Firm, a design practice where industrial style designs are approached. For this project the designer kept the décor as the focal point while evoking a sense of efficiency and style in the background. He has chosen industrial style as it is economical and sustainable. The project has large open spaces and is minimal. 

Ahead of the start of the Industrial Dinette project, Designer Elton tried to identify several problems in and around his locality. The primary issue that the designer has observed in the area is heat problems. He used double layered glass and a plant wall to reduce heat. Irrigation pipes mounted on glass walls to water plants were used to reduce heat. Glass walls with plants are used in between to reduce heat.

Elton also incorporated many sustainable, innovative and eco-friendly aspects into his project, Industrial Dinette. He also used reclaimed and recycled material such as wood and metal waste in industrial design. 

The project aims to create a space for eating, relaxation and entertainment. It provides a sense of camaraderie and community. The restaurant hopes to create a sense of community that makes the restaurant as important as their own kitchens. Industrial Dinette aims to cater to tourists visiting Kala Academy, people who work there, locals who visit exhibitions along with the residents around.

Industrial Dinette, the brainchild of designer Elton Francisco Fernandes for its exceptional design also received Best Virtual Experience Award from the grand platform of JD Design Awards 2023- Goa edition.

JDDA 2023

Siddhi brought Mario Miranda’s work to life through her summer wear collection. These  consisted of casual modern wear outfits was targeted for teenagers and young adults. The collection showcased Mario Miranda’s art style re-created in a modern, contemporary  situation from Goa today. Through her work Siddhi wanted to pass on the heritage  and culture of Goa.

The garments are in black and white as the designer wanted the garments to be minimal and simple. The fabrics used for the garments are made with natural fabric like cotton with hand printing technique and acrylic colours and made buttons out of cotton fabric.

La Vida is a befitting homage to the Goan artist and exudes the life of the beachy and laidback state with a vibrant cultural heritage.

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I had put in a lot of hard work but in the end when I saw my project, it was satisfying. I designed an industrial style restaurant by taking inspiration from Pierce Widera Interior Design Firm and their approach to utilising recycled materials.


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Elton Francisco Fernandes

BSc. in Interior Design, GOA

-By Lalitha​