5 Jewellery Trends 2021 We Are Thrilled About!

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5 Jewellery Trends 2021 We Are Thrilled About!


Jewellery is indiscriminating, it fits all; it suits all. A piece of jewellery can make you stand out from the crowd, that’s the power of the bling. Last year, we saw a trend in chunky jewellery where maximalism outrightly challenged the minimal approach, and style statements were made loud and clear. Likewise, 2020 also observed jewellery heavily influenced by daily objects as we saw at the Fendi Fall 2020 Runway Show. That chunky jewellery resonated change, a style statement taking you away from the monotony. So this year, let’s go over these 5 super classy Jewellery Trends 2021 which you really might want to try.

Eyeglass Chains

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When the retro fashion from the grandma’s closet is officially fashionable, eyeglass chains have now transformed from being totally functional to downright dapper. The trend of eyeglass chain was introduced by Emmanuelle Khanh back in the 1970s. So this is the age of retro revival where many styles from the 70s and 80s are becoming full-blown fashionable. When Gigi Hadid made a statement with her pearly eyeglass chain, why not give your sunglass a spin?

Pouch Necklace

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If you even hate a clutch to carry let alone sling bags, then you certainly might want to catch up on these pouch necklaces for your next party. This tiny little pouch necklace will certainly become your style statement which is out-an-out useful. Slide in your favorite lipstick or a credit card and loose yourself on the dance floor. There is reason this style has found its place in the list of Jewellery Trends 2021.


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This classic style that flaunts every look and outfit, is surely daunting the jewellery trend 2021. The dainty little pearl studs are sure-fire trends and sits proudly in every girl’s trinket box. From classic pearl choker to pretty bobby pins, hair clips and headbands (which also made a statement as pearl jewellery trends 2020), this elegant jewel rules every heart. Yes, every heart because when Harry Styles wore an elegant pearl neckpiece at the Brit Awards 2019, this jewel made its way to men’s jewellery trends 2020.

Handmade Jewellery

5 Jewelry Trends 2021 We Are Thrilled About!
(Handmade Jewellery, source: freepik.com)

During the lockdown, people started spending more time exploring on social media giving a chance for local businesses to showcase their talent on the digital platform. This style became one of the top jewellery trends and is in high-demand due to the materials used. On the other hand, this handmade jewellery trend gives an excellent boost to local craftsmanship.  Boho bracelets, trending earrings and chunky necklaces made up of polymer, beads, leather or fabric, this style trend is surely going to stay in the market for long.

Sustainable Engagement Rings

5 Jewelry Trends 2021 We Are Thrilled About!
(Engagement rings, source: freepik.com)

When we are at the brink of facing a backlash from the nature, majority of fashion and jewellery brands are diverting their marketing strategy to sustainability. Sustainable engagement rings which is one of the new jewellery trends involve using conflict-free diamonds and jewels as well as using secondhand rings in order to conserve the environment and support human rights of the diamond mine workers.

Conclusively, these Jewellery Trends 2021 are surely going to rule over the year. Choose from embellished eyeglass chain, a elegant pearl choker on denims or take a vow to be a socially responsible couple, you are going be super trendy this year. Also, if you wish to pursue your passion for the bling, choose from the wide range of options – Diploma in Jewellery Design, Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design or a comprehensive course of BSc. In Jewellery Design. All you have to do is follow your heart and find the right place to start with.