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September 2021

World Rhino Day is commemorated on September 22nd, annually to raise awareness and build a safe natural habitat for these incredible species. One of the main reasons why the rhino population is decreasing is because of poaching, climate change, and the demolition of their natural habitat. There are five diverse species of rhinoceros that are being brought to the edge of extinction because of

Multiple types of psoriasis have grown to become a matter of concern across the world. Psoriasis has disrupted the lives of millions of people worldwide with no solution whatsoever.  Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition causing red, itchy scaly patches habitually on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp. While the root cause of psoriasis remains unknown, the chronic skin condition causes the skin cells

‘Marketing for Millenials’ was a talk session that was organised and hosted by the 3C’s Outreach program, an initiative by JD Institute Bengaluru. A committee is formed for the students, for their exposure and wider knowledge on what is trending and happening in the creative industries. The 3C’s latest webinar session was focused on how the traditional marketing strategies are being re-written by

Interior design trends have a cycle of patterns and designs. The world of interior design if anything more is also a bundle of innovations that keeps taking the bar of interiors a notch higher. With every falling season, the pages in the book of interior design are also turned. Autumn precisely is that season of the year people wish to snuggle in their bed

Tips for better Photography! Photography is an interesting and enjoyable technique. The days of needing darkrooms or waiting hours for a single image are gone. You may jump right in and start snapping away at whatever catches your eye. Here are few simple tips for capturing a wonderful picture. 1. Spacing Don't be hesitant to fill your photo to the brim. Spacing in photography

World Bamboo Day is celebrated on 18th September every year to commemorate one of the widely adopted types of raw materials. Bamboo is certainly one of the few natural materials in nature that poses high levels of versatility. Bamboo is a core character of the design world. The minute one hears the word bamboo, their mind immediately goes to furniture. The significance of bamboo