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Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 Thumbnail - Lip Masks Of 2021

Lip Masks of 2021 are in quite the number, due to which one is more likely to be confused, especially when purchasing for the first time. Although using lip masks does not do all that job, it is important to keep in mind that a lip mask does not replace a lip balm or a lip scrub. It only compliments the end result of a lip balm and a lip scrub.

Here are lip masks that are top on every makeup and skincare enthusiasts:

Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 1 300x300 - Lip Masks Of 2021
1. Dot & Key Lip Plumping Sleeping Mask:

The dot & key lip plumping sleeping mask is a leave-on treatment which can be worn either during the day or the night. It helps in restoring moisture and rejuvenating dry chapped lips. The ingredients in this lip mask is vitamin C, antioxidant rich lingonberry extracts and turmeric oil, which helps with fading away any stubborn pigmentation leaving behind a delightful and even toned lip. It is perfect for all types of lips, from chapped to oily.

Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 2 300x300 - Lip Masks Of 2021
2. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

This lip mask is perfect for sun protection. The lip mask melts out any stubborn dead skin cells on the lips overnight, as well as provides proliferated moisture to the lips. The lip mask can gently wipe the lips clean with tissue or cotton pad. The Laneige lip mask is known worldwide for its end results, within a short period of time. The vitamin C and the antioxidants help restore smooth and elastic lips from dry and chapped ones. This mask can be used about 2 to 3 times a week and is also in an affordable price range.

Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 3 300x300 - Lip Masks Of 2021
3. Mars Hydrating Sleeping Lip Mask

Unlike most lip care products, the Mars Hydrating sleeping lip mask is a treatment that is infused with extracts from peaches that result in a lip and peach tint. The Lip Sleeping Mask by Mars gently also melts away dead skin cells present on the lips, resulting in a smooth and elastic texture. The lip mask also consists of rich vitamin C and antioxidants making dry and chapped lips smooth and supple.

Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 4 300x300 - Lip Masks Of 2021
4. Ikkai Organic Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask

The Ikkai organic pink me lip sleep mask is specifically formulated for dehydrated lips for all skin types. It is preservative free and is bubble-gum flavoured making it the perfect sleeping lip mask, as it is completely organic and does not consist of any toxins or chemicals that can potentially cause any side effects. It benefits by repairing any dry and pigmented lips, as well as keeping it hydrated and nourished throughout the day. One of the other advantages of using this lip mask is that it stays on the entire night leaving supple and blushing lips.

Lip Masks Of 2021 lip masks - Lip Masks Of 2021 5 300x300 - Lip Masks Of 2021
5. ENN Pucker Hydrating Lip Mask

The ENN pucker hydrating lip mask comes with hyaluronic acid, which benefits by hydrating, replenishing, nourishing, moisturizing, and softening. This is also a two-in-one product that can be used as a lip mask as well as a lip balm, as per the requirements. It is infused with honey, lanolin, shea butter, glycerin, and jojoba oil that will keep the lips plump and pink removing any chapped and pigmented areas of the lips. It can also be used as a lip primer before adding on lipstick. The ENN pucker hydrating lip mask is formulated to lock the moisture and suppleness of the lips throughout the day.

Lip masks of 2021 that have taken every makeup and skincare enthusiast by heart are also many beyond this list. Towards the end of the day, every individual is different, which results in going through an experimental phase that will help one understand the needs of the skin and which product with which set of ingredients suit the best. A lip care routine is important and so are the points to keep in mind, especially during this monsoon season when the lips get chapped and dry.

Lip Masks Of 2021