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September 2021

Foundation, as we already know, is the base to our makeup. It helps cover any pigmentation, blemishes or scars helping achieve a perfect base for our skills to be showcased. But sometimes, it is hard to perfect the foundation. As we apply the foundation, little at a time, it can very quickly go the wrong way if the buildup is too much. Similarly,

Round beds have been a part of interior design and furniture industries for a long time now. The pros and cons of choosing round beds come with an underlying statement of perception and opinion. Round beds need no definition. It is pretty much self-explanatory. Round beds are round in shape and function just every other bed like king-size or twin bed. Round beds are

Met Gala is an annual fashion exhibit that is held to commemorate and mark the beginning of the Costume Institute’s journey. The history and significance of Met Gala is the reason for its growth and well known recognition in the fashion industry today. Dianna Vreeland, is the founder of Met Gala, which is also known as the Met Ball and formerly known as the

Digital photography and Film Photography have a lot of differences. They are unimportant to most new photographers. They will not return to the film because they prefer the convenience, ease of use, and reduced cost of digital cameras. Understanding the distinctions, on the other hand, can help you take better images and can also help you debate with friends about the future of film.