5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI 2024

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5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI 2024

So, you’ve decided to take your passion for design into a career as an interior designer. Well, good for you. Embarking on the journey to the interior design industry has myriad directions. But attending the best interior design program is a valuable route for acquiring the skills needed for this creative career.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search for the best courses and universities.

JD School of Design features various interior design courses in Bangalore from undergraduate to graduate level and certificate programs as well. These courses impart relevant knowledge, develop technical and design skills as well as provide industry exposure.

In this guide, we will cover useful tips that will increase your chances of getting selected for the JDI interior design course.

How to Get Selected in the Interior Design Program at JDI?

Here are five tips that will help you not only in securing admission at the JD School of Design interior design program but also prepare yourself for the studies.

1. Start Thinking Like a Designer

5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI

Your education in interior design does not start on the first day of class. As soon as you decide to become an interior designer, you should start thinking like one. Pay attention to the function, feel, and form of the spaces you enter or see. How do the rooms portray a style and facilitate movement? Is there anything you would like to change or add?

Asking these questions whenever you enter a new space will provide you with an awareness that will help you win over the admission committee. Moreover, you will sail smoothly throughout your studies at the interior design university.

2. Brush up Your Skills and Knowledge

5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI

Arming yourself with essential skills and relevant knowledge will help you not only secure admission at JDI but keep up with its extensive curriculum. Sketching and drawing are fundamental skills in interior design. If you’ve decided to stick to this career, start honing your skills early on.

Take time out to practice and furnish your skills, as the expertise in creating anything from dimensions and measurements to elevation drawing will be valuable in your studies.

Additionally, develop a basic understanding of concepts such as lighting design, load-bearing walls, and door and window placement. Don’t forget about familiarizing yourself with essential design principles such as rhythm, balance, proportion, and unity.

3. Familiarize yourself with CAD

5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI

Most interior design diploma course requires their students to have an understanding of computer-aided design (CAD). It is mostly because the course duration is short, and there is not enough time to cover the basic concepts and tools of interior design.

CAD is a standard tool in the design industry that helps to draw, render, and model environments and objects. You will definitely be using CAD at the school to test and visualize your ideas. Although there are many different CAD programs, such as Auto CAD, familiarizing yourself with a few popular ones will prepare you better for the demands of the various interior design subjects.

4. Research Your Industry

If you want to secure a seat in the interior design degree course at JDI, research your industry. Since the school would like to see your passion for interior design, keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and trends. This will help to showcase that you are really interested in the course and serious about carving a successful career graph.

Being familiar with recent interior styles will further prepare you for the various aspects of the job and give you a leg up when the course starts.

5. Build a Portfolio of your Work

5 Tips to Help You For An Interior Design Program At JDI

Even if you have little to no experience, you can still create your interior design portfolio. Start by collecting any drawings or sketch works you have worked on and add your best work from them. Adding to that, if you have any experience in any design projects, add photographs, drawings, and sketches to your portfolio.

This will give you a head start, especially in JDI M.Sc. in Interior Design Course that specifically requests students to maintain a portfolio and have prior interior design qualification.

You can further take up online courses or freelancing projects to gain experience and exposure. Moreover, you can practice interior design yourself, working on various styles to display the variety and your versatility and talent.

Wrapping it Up

If you’re ready to dive into the interior design industry, attending the JD institute of technology is a valuable and rewarding route to take.

The programs such as BSc in Interior Design and Decoration or M.Sc. in Interior Design provide more than just a well-rounded education. You gain guidance on how to handle various aspects of the role, from designing to developing a professional network and managing the essentials of your design business. Collectively, all the interior design program at JDI supports your success in the contemporary world of interior design.

So, enroll in an interior design course today and give yourself the wings to fly high.