A potpourri – Not to impress

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A potpourri – Not to impress

(A collaboration between students of Photography and Fashion Communication Department, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore)

Classy, posh, swanky and at times quirky defined their collective style. They mastered the art of high-class dressing with their tailor-made clothing which traversed them into a world of Modern-day fashion, highlighting finesse and attention to detail. They dressed to kill at all occasions, not to impress people around but to seal the insatiable desire to enhance their individual identity till the end of time.

Models : Leanne Alcasoas , Akash Jain

Stylists : Manisha Umashankar,Nandini Soni, Nikita Mahendra, Soorya Dhayalan

Photographers : Jaffer, Vivek

Makeup Artist : Chitra

Mentor (Photography) – Kishore Ramachandra

Styling Mentor – Parag Goswami

Post production – Jerin Nath