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Interior Design is a field where one must know how to speak well in public and know the essential lessons of presenting a design that makes the difference between passing or failing the idea. This multifaceted profession not only comprises the conceptual stage ideation but research, communicating the ideas elaborately and delivering them in a structured way. The Jury for Diploma in Interior Design

The first ever Sports day for JD Institute of Design, Goa, was held on 4th June 2022, Saturday. The event started at 9am, and concluded at 2:30pm. The students of fashion and interior design departments all gathered at the Don Bosco’s oratory auditorium at 9am for the inauguration which commenced with an opening speech by sir Umesh Naik, principal of JD Institute, Goa.

The Jediiians Open House held inside the premises of JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design gave a glance of Jediiians work for the upcoming JD Design Awards 2022. The happy parents’ faces, impressed industry personnels and proud mentors were the emotions we noticed along with our students taking the stage before the grand event. A lot of energy and enthusiasm

Exhibit of day 3 of the Mega Display series, highlighted the essence of design. Jediiians found the similarity between the design and ocean and ventured into it to explore the layered structure of the both to bring out one of a kind and interactive show. The exhibit consisted of Fashion Design students’ work and showcased the future of the design industry. The Day 3

JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore to gauge the students’ learning, gives them a chance to exhibit their design works. The exhibit of Mega display Day 2 was based on the theme of carnival that filled us all with enthusiasm and fun. JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore is a prestigious university with a legacy of 33 long years, catering to the field of