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Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it Thumbnail - Green Fashion: What is it?

Green Fashion can be defined as a movement towards a greener future and healthier environment by reusing available resources in various different ways. Sustainable fashion also consists of the same concept but is also about creating new materials that are eco-friendly. Whereas green fashion completely focuses on reusing resources that were initially made for a whole different purpose.

There are many ways for one to turn towards green fashion, the major way to do so is cutting down on the shopping hauls and raiding wardrobes of family and friends. Here are some ways you can opt towards green fashion to help achieve a greener future:

1. Vintage Shopping 
Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it 2 - Green Fashion: What is it?

Vintage Thrift Shopping HaulsIs The new Trend

The concepts of thrift stores are bringing their rule in the fashion world. But vintage thrift stores are on top of that list. Vintage thrift stores usually sell old clothing that has gone out of style or has a rustic look to it. They are sold at affordable prices, which can be ripped and re-stitched in the style and trend of that day and age. The best part about purchasing vintage clothing is that every fashion trend will repeat itself every 10 years, so keeping these vintage shopping hauls will definitely come in handy.

2. Closet Raids
Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it 3 - Green Fashion: What is it?

Closet Raids Are The New Shopping Stop

Closet raids are one of the best ways to save money and still be in trend. The must raid closet has to be the parent’s closet. Parents have sentimental attachment to their clothes, therefore making their closet the best vintage raiding spot. As fashion trends repeat themselves every 5 to 6 years, it is perfect to revamp your with your parents style.

3. Sharing Is Caring
Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it 1 - Green Fashion: What is it?

Exchanging clothing with your best buds is also sustainable fashion

Sharing is caring, even when it comes to clothes. There is a misconception about using clothing from others. Yes, it can be unhygienic, but that depends on how you are using and what exactly you have decided to share. Of course, it will be unhygienic if you choose to share intimate garments and if you share garments and do not choose to wash them before use, of course it is unhygienic. It is important to wash the clothes before using them. This way, you can try new styles without tearing apart your pockets.

4. Tear And Stitch
Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it 4 - Green Fashion: What is it?

Develop Your Stitching Skills And Start Creating Your Own DIY Clothing

Learn the basics of stitching and you can create or revamp your closet. As we know, clothes and styles are out of trend as and when they wish, but there is no rule that you cannot create one of your own. Oversized hoodies are never out of style, but using them to create a new one can be easy. It is very much possible to create new styled outfits using just one piece of clothing.

5. Be A Conscious Consumer
Green Fashion: What is it? green fashion - Green Fashion What is it 5 - Green Fashion: What is it?

Be Conscious, Restore The Earth

At the end of the day, we all will purchase new clothing, as in when new collections by our favourite brands and designers are launched. It is then that we need to be a conscious consumer. It is important to make sure that the clothing we buy is a product of sustainability. This will be the biggest contribution that you would make towards the greener future and green fashion movement.

Green fashion may be similar to that of sustainable fashion, but they have their own differences, the main one being, sustainable fashion is about how to design and curate products that are made with sustainable materials. Whereas, green fashion is a movement we start at the comfort of our homes, from resources that we already own, and reduce the wastage by reusing them for various other purposes. There are also many ways you can create or understand the components of fabrics used in the fashion industry, for which you can take a quick course of fashion designing that will help you understand the details of creating a fabric.

Green Fashion: What is it?