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accessories, you complete me - Accessories - Accessories, You Complete Me!

Accessories, You Complete Me!

Every woman wants to look glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, and fashionable and sometimes, even hip and fun. But, wearing nice and expensive clothes isn’t enough to make you look complete. As they say, it’s all in the details!

Knowing how to accessorise is essential for the right look. Every woman is different and unique in her own way. The wrong use of accessories or overdoing it in attempts to stand out can really ruin your look.

To decide on what suits you best and how they should be added to your outfit are essential to making you look elegant, smart, and attractive.

Let’s talk about some key accessories that every woman should have in her little kitty bags and the best ways to use them.


An important accessory for many women, jewellery can add sophistication and elegance to your look. But, you should know the right balance. There is no harm in wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings all at the same time. But, make sure that they are not all shouting out attention. It will only mar your look.

If you want to wear big earrings, then don’t go for a necklace. You can wear a simple neck chick that isn’t bold or gaudy, or better still, do away with a neck piece altogether. Compliment your large earrings with only a bracelet.

It’s always best to wear only one piece of statement jewellery that is big, bold, or overpowering. Keep the others simple and to a minimum. (victory.org)

You can also wear fashion pieces made from faux gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. But, make sure that the limitations are of high quality. They can make you look sophisticated without actually costing you much!

Accessories, You Complete Me accessories, you complete me - Accessories - Accessories, You Complete Me! accessories, you complete me - Accessories - Accessories, You Complete Me!


Belts always add drama to your outfit and accentuate your curves. Naturally, they are head-turning pieces of accessories that are often used as statement pieces these days. They can easily be worn with skirts, shirts, dresses, blazers, and over cardigans. They can make you look fun and hip.


A bag isn’t just an important accessory to carry your lipstick and money in; they also make for an excellent style statement. But, you must be careful while choosing the colour, shape, and type of bag. Never try to match the colour of your attire to your bag or vice versa. It should be of a contrasting colour that stands out but only in a fashionable way.


When it comes to shoes, it is always a battle between comfort and beauty. Women endure a lot of pain to look beautiful. But don’t forget, however much you may try, the pain does tend to reflect on your face. You don’t want that now, do you? So, choose your shoes wisely.

You can pair your outfit with bold coloured shoes if you are wearing neutral-coloured clothes but go for a nude shade if your clothes are bright-coloured.

You can never have enough shoes. So, don’t hesitate to go on a shopping spree, because you can always wear the new pair with old attire to give yourself a new look.

Always remember, shoes give the ultimate finishing touch to your overall look. Whether it’s a pair of flats, classic heels, sandals, or chic boots, choosing the right type and colour is essential to completing your look.

Accessories, You Complete Me accessories, you complete me - Accessories 2 - Accessories, You Complete Me! accessories, you complete me - Accessories 2 - Accessories, You Complete Me!


East or west, scarves make quite the fashion accessory these days. They aren’t something you wear only during the winter anymore. You can wear them with different attires, around your neck, around the sling of your bag, wrists, or even around your head like a bandanna! A bright scarf or stole can add style to simple outfits or even help you make a new outfit altogether.

Similarly, shrugs and cardigans, if used appropriately, can also make your wardrobe vibrant.

Glasses, Phones

Like scarves, a cool pair of shades are an absolute necessity for every woman. Glasses, sunglasses or otherwise, aren’t just eye-wear. The frame’s shape and style speak volumes about who you are!

These days, cell phones are much more than just gadgets you use to call people, send them messages, or use the internet. They are also seen as fashion accessories. The colour, its look, how updated your phone model is, is it bezel-less, all of these points swim through the mind of a passing fashionista. And, you also need those selfies to capture your every look and take pictures of you and your girlfriends every time you hang out with them.


Things to Bear in Mind

Keeping yourself updated with the latest fashion trends helps you maintain the glamorous look all around the year. However, remember to never overdo any type of accessory. If you want to wear bold jewellery, don’t wear too many of those. Cut down on all other trinkets. If you want to wear a big, fluffy scarf, don’t wear a thick, bulky cardigan! Learn how to create style statements with a diploma in Fashion Styling with Bangalore’s leading Design Institute, JD Institute of Fashion Technology.