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jewellery design - Career opportunities post jewellery design course - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE

Jewellery has always been an adornment to complete an outfit. Different pieces are usually designed for different purposes like formal, casual or even for an occasion. In India, the demand for jewellery is at an optimum as any festival or function is incomplete without a trip to the jewellery store. Hence, career opportunities in the field of Jewellery Design is vast and rewarding with myriad career options for anyone who has a flair for the latest trends and designs along with the ability to understand technology with a sound customer service.

Post the successful completion of a jewellery design course one can seek employment in either of the following positions:

(Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels) jewellery design - Jewellery Designer 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels)

A jewellery designer may work independently as a freelancer/Entrepreneur or with a jewellery brand. The role involves holding consultations with commissioning clients, discussing a client’s range of options and formulating original ideas as well as sketching out ideas to help the client visualize the finished design.

(Image Source: RSSing.com) jewellery design - Jewellery Merchandiser 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: RSSing.com)

Jewellery Merchandiser career can lead to employment with an independent jeweller, jewellery manufacturer or e-commerce jewellery enterprises. The individual is responsible for executing the merchandising strategy of the organization; estimate the demand for the product, plan for the jewellery product to be ordered, identify and select the best vendors to place the order.

(Image Source: Glassdoor) jewellery design - Sales representative 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: Glassdoor)

Sales representative sell retail products, goods and services to customers. They work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. Sales representatives work towards finding new sales leads, through business directories, client referrals, etc. Sometimes, sales representatives have to focus on inside sale.

(Image Source: A Blog to Watch) jewellery design - Jewellery manufacturer 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: A Blog to Watch)

Jewellery Manufacturer is a business person who makes jewellery or may be a Contact Manufacturing service that makes other people’s designs. The manufacturer may also be specialized in one or more forms of jewelry manufacturing, i.e. casting, fabrication, or working with specific metals such as gold. Jewellery manufactures can provide a wholesale distribution network or have their own retail outlet, it depends on person to person and their potential.

(Image Source: Pexels.com) jewellery design - Jewellery Wholesaler 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: Pexels.com)

Jewellery wholesalers’ act as middlemen, who sell large quantities of jewellery based goods to retail stores, dealers and distributors, rather than to consumers. They need to keep their skills updated inorder to effectively guide their clients about latest trends and hence have to attend trade shows, association meeting etc. for the same.

(Image Source: Fluentify blog) jewellery design - Jewellery Marketing Manager 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: Fluentify blog)

Jewellery Marketing Manager is responsible for the identification, development and execution of key product marketing elements specific to class jewellery products. This role focuses on new and optimized product and program that aligns with the overall business strategies including market assessment, identification of opportunities within the space, ongoing portfolio management, brand management, sales & internal tools development and education, and consumer marketing communications.

(Image Source: Hamstetch.com) jewellery design - Jewellery Illustrator 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: Hamstetch.com)

A jewellery Illustrator conceptualises and executes aesthetically appealing designs. Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator are advantageous. In order to create effective designs needs to understand product specifications and work closely with the team to develop ideas. The illustrator will also have to mix new technology-driven methodologies with traditional drawing.

(Image Source: SCAD) jewellery design - Jewllery Faculty 300x200 - CAREER OPPORTUNITIES POST JEWELLERY DESIGN COURSE
(Image Source: SCAD)

As a Jewllery faculty, the Candidate will be responsible for teaching subjects related to gemology, illustration, jewellery designing, manufacture, materials etc. Apart from imparting knowledge, the candidate needs to possess good communication and people skills. A lot of patience and the ability to guide students’ along with hone their skills to be able to dive into the professional spectrum as confident professionals.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs, students can also seek employment in Gems and Jewellery Council, gain knowledge about 3D printing which has made headway into the jewellery industry and is proving to be cost effective without wastage of material, gemmology etc. Prospects in the Jewellery industry are aplenty for aspirants. However, completion of formal education should not stop one from continuing with training throughout their career as it will help to upgrade skills and keep up to-date with new methods and changes in the industry. It is also important to build an impressive portfolio during the course of study. Apart from these creative skills, a keen eye for design and trends along with an affinity for business will take one a long way in their professional endeavour.

The one-year intensive Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design course offered at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South hones students’ inherent skills along with industrial exposure, methodical teaching approach, packaging, CAD, assignments etc. helps students gain hands on experience and provides them various career opportunities post the completion of their Jewellery Design Course.

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