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International Day of Education is commemorated on the 24th of January as a day of observance which was declared by the United Nations General Assembly on the 3rd of December, 2018. This day was adopted as a resolution to celebrate the role and contribution of Education in bringing Global Peace and Sustainable Development across the world. History and Significance Of International Day Of Education The

Christmas is one of the most awaited time of the year across the globe, where families decorate their homes, loved ones shower each other with gifts, and the thoughtful help the needy. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore, ‘Christmas Mela’, an event organised to keep the spirit of the festive season vibrant was organised for all students and staff. The Christmas Mela was

‘Tanisi’ was the name of the fashion show that was organised by JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin which followed the festive celebration of Navratri. The fashion show was not only a continuation of the festive season, but also revolved around the theme of Navratri celebrations. Followed by the fashion show, students of JD Institute Cochin organised a sale, where they displayed handmade