Kitchen floors: Types of tiles chosen in interior design 

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Kitchen floors: Types of tiles chosen in interior design 


Kitchen floors are an intricate part of the interior design process. It is a well-known fact that flooring is a significant feature. Kitchen floors on the other hand are an even more important segment because of the excessive and consistent use of the kitchen every day.

Kitchen floors: Types of tiles chosen in interior design
Kitchen floors

Several factors are taken into account while choosing flooring tiles and in this blog, we will share the different types of tiles used to design kitchen floors:

1. Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are the most popularly chosen floor for the kitchen for their well-rounded appearance and benefits. What makes ceramic tiles interior designers’ first choice is their water-resistant nature. They are stain-resistant which makes them the best choice for kitchen floors.

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2. Porcelain tiles: After ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are the next big choice for kitchen floors. Very similar to ceramic tiles in structure, some interior designers believe that porcelain tiles show higher water resistance than ceramic tiles. These tiles are one of the most durable kitchen floor tiles.

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3. Travertine tiles: Coming in the price range between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, travertine tiles are made of limestone most commonly available in colors like brown, rust and tan. What makes travertine tiles unique is that its completely recyclable, 100% biodegradable and can be used in their natural form. However, travertine tiles need cautious maintenance to ensure their durability.

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4. Marble tiles: Marble tiles undoubtedly accentuate the look of the room by their breathtaking appearance. One of the most expensive flooring tiles in the industry, marble tiles come in various colors that add a dramatic and luxurious effect to the interiors. Although marble tiles are more prone to scratching and staining, they remain to be the most picked type of tiles for kitchen floors.

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5. Sandstone tiles: Although not usually for kitchen floors, sandstone tiles offer a good mix of rustic and modern outlook.  Sandstone tiles are rugged in their texture making them look more natural than any other tile used for kitchen floors. Sandstone tiles come mostly in red, gold and brown variations offering a wide range of options to choose from.


Kitchen floors: Types of tiles chosen in interior design
Sandstone tiles

Kitchen floors in 2021 are becoming an exciting segment in the interior design process. With umpteen colours, materials and textures to choose from, interior designers are given the opportunity to innovate and offer convincing interior design solutions. JD Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier design institute in South India grooming competent interior designers to the industry since the year 1988. Check out their undergraduate courses here.

Kitchen floors: Types of tiles chosen in interior design