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Landscaping is a term the process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs. Landscaping artists often work on the building’s facade and supervise the landscaping of the extensive grounds. Speaking of landscaping, I know the first thought is the great outdoors with fancy topiary and perfectly manicured gardens. Well, that is a part of landscaping but it is not confined to the palaces and entertainment venues that caters for exclusive few.

Landscaping is much more than that. It is limited to the outdoors, there is a whole vertical of indoor landscaping, also known as “interiorscaping” or “plantscaping”. Landscaping is all things beautiful and all things plant. If it is natural, lush and green, a skilled landscaper will find a way to make it appealing and attractive. So, the topic is very obviously new to your senses. There are several facets of Landscaping that caters to homes, businesses, restaurants and much more, you will understand if you keep reading.

Principles of Landscaping

Landscape design is a process of developing practical and pleasing outdoor living space, when I say outdoor living space, it doesn’t mean a white tea table setting or a swing in the porch, landscape design is much more than that. It has a functional kitchen outdoors, alfresco dining and outdoor pools to koi ponds, the applications are diverse and varied.

Even though the landscape design caters to exclusive, unique and a whole new design with every customer or client, the basic principles of landscape design remain grounded as the earth they work on. Every landscape design includes the elements of unity, scale, balance, simplicity, variety, emphasis, and sequence as they apply to line, form, texture, and colour. All of the aforementioned elements are intricately interconnected and carefully woven together to make nature blossom and thrive for a truly experiential living and workspaces. Landscaping – Interior designing landscaping - Landscaping     Interior designing 2 - Landscaping – Interior designing

The Indoor-Outdoor living

You live indoors, why bother what is with the concept of Indoor-Outdoor living? Indoor-outdoor living is a beautiful conduit between the home and the natural world that is just outside your door. This design trend centres around creating multi-functional outdoor spaces where families can relax, work, play and entertain. It doesn’t have potted plants and flowering gardens.

It is a seamless experience of living indoors and outdoors, all within the confines of your home. Check out Californian suburbs that have spectacular homes that feature magnificent indoor-outdoor living spaces. This new concept of smooth indoor-outdoor living transition is a new trend that is popular with families that prefer villas that have a good yard space and offer a healthy balance of indoor-outdoor living.

Landscaping – Interior designing landscaping - Landscaping     Interior designing 1 - Landscaping – Interior designing

What part does a landscaping artist play in the indoor-outdoor living home design? Here’s your answer. The outdoor design, the seamless extension of the outdoors into the indoor living for a healthy and balanced home environment is designed and aided by a uniquely skilled landscaping artist. They are professionally trained and adept at creating tasteful landscaping that makes your home a true valley of green and meadow of fresh scented flower bed. Everyday living in your own home is blissfully peaceful with health and grounded in nature around you.

Hotels and hosting venues

When was the last time you wished you could lie or have fun rolling on the perfectly manicured lush green grass in a hotel or resort you stayed in? Come to think of it, how are they perennially green and lush? How are the flowering bushes blooming brightly every day of the year, when your carefully watered houseplant decides to keep you waiting days on end for one of its little blooms to open up?

I hear you, so do the landscaping artists. They are the fairies that make the flowers blossom in the gardens. How can they be special garden fairies and us, not so much? Well, landscaping artists plan in advance, design the space to showcase nature at its best and maintain the plant life to ensure it remains healthy and gorgeous.

If you are envious of the lush green yards and colourful blossoms that adorn your garden and indoors or your terrace, through every season of the year, now you know who to call or what to google. Or if you own an event hosting venue, hotel or restaurant that needs a touch of nature, hire a landscaping artist to transform the humble abode to a swanky rainforest or a fresh flower meadow or a rooftop haven in the middle of a metropolitan city. Your healthy and happy sanctuary awaits.