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making jewelry at home using simple techniques - Make Silver Jewelry at Home - Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques

Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques

Jewellery is an essential part of the versatile human culture. It is used to complement the looks and attire of the person. Jewellery is a very important article in the present market and is available in all styles and sizes. In the earlier times, it used to a be a great symbol of social and cultural status. Now, it is mostly used for fashion and things like that. However, there is one thing that needs to be remembered about jewellery and that is the fact that it is very costly at times, since these are made with precious metals most of the time. With the evolution of time, the flexibility has also increased and the art of jewelry making has been mastered by many.

Step By Step Process on How to Make Jewellery At Home:

  1. Buying a Jewelry Kit: A jewellery kit is very important for the entire process. It may be available in one of your local stores. It will supply you with the basic tools. It will also provide you with the necessary instructions and basic ideas. There are various types such as beaded or stringing jewelries. Get the kit accordingly.
  2. Choose a Particular Material and Type: There are many varieties in jewelries such as bracelet, earrings, necklace etc. The different types of materials are resin, strings, resin, paper and many more that can be used in the making. You can get ideas from jewelry shops or social media sites and inspire yourself by the designs.

  3. Get the Desired Jewelry Making Tools: The basic tools need to be purchased for the process depending on the item that you buy. These stuffs include-

    • Assorted pliers such as round nose, chain nose, nylon pliers, step jaw ones.
    • Measurement ruler
    • Wire cutter
    • Practicing the different shapes require a special bending wire
    • Peg boards
  4. Get the Correct Supplies: The right supplies can do wonders when it comes to handmade jewelry items. It can either be general or project specific. Some of the basic items are-
    • Beads
    • Bending gauge wires
    • Headpins
    • Clasps
    • Rings

Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques making jewelry at home using simple techniques - Make Silver Jewelry at Home - Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques making jewelry at home using simple techniques - Make Silver Jewelry at Home - Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques

  1. Make Yourself Familiar with the Measurements: Determining the size is one of the most important tasks in this process. Familiarize yourself with the common standard size for bracelets and necklaces in the first place.
    • The measurement of a man and a woman varies. For example, in case of a choker, a woman’s collar bone and man’s collar measurement are to be taken separately.\
  2. Get Acquainted with Some Basic Techniques of Jewelry Making: Some basic skillset is required by the person to carry out the project successfully and make new items. Opening jump rings, cutting and bending the wire, stringing, beading etc., are some of them.
    • Refer to jewelry making books for them
    • Some essential tutorials and workshops can also be opted
  3. Assembling the Necessary Materials: All the items need to be gathered before the starting of jewelry making. It is advised to start from the beginner’s level with a simple design at first. (masconvention.org)
    • The instructions, whether online or in the book, must be followed thoroughly.
    • All the necessary items must be in one place for handy purposes.
  4. Practice the Technique Thoroughly: One should be expert in the particular technique of a specific design for better execution. It also ensures that the work will be done smoothly. The product quality will also be superior in terms of the roughly constructed ones.
    • Before using actual products, make sure you work on rough ones for proper results.
    • It also avoids the repetitive wasting of materials
  5. Swarovski Crystal Earrings
    • Simple Process: These are some of the simplest products which are catchy to look as well. A couple of crystals are required for this. Jump rings will also be required along with earring findings for the final result. All these need to be finely operated with pliers
    • Add the Jump Rings: Pliers need to be used in order to twist and open up the rings. Then the crystals are to be added in the jump rings through their respective holes.

Make sure that the front side of the crystal or jump ring is displayed properly.
Beaded Bracelet
This is a simple and innovative item which can be made easily. Bending and flexible wires are required for this item other than glue and colorful beads.  Occasional crystals can also be added to this. Pliers must be used for the final touch and closing of the wire.

  • Note that the wrist measurement is very important in this case.
  • It helps to determine the length of the bracelet so that it fits perfectly

Beaded Ring
Beautiful beaded rings can be handcrafted with simple items such as wires, crystals and beads. One can gain useful ideas and procedures from online platforms and jewelry design books. The items need to be glued properly so that the pieces stick and don’t fall apart.

Jewellery Making At Home Using Simple Techniques making jewelry at home using simple techniques - Make a Jewellery Box at Home - Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques making jewelry at home using simple techniques - Make a Jewellery Box at Home - Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques

How to Make a Jewellery Box at Home

Jewelries are fancy items that are desired by all, especially women who use jewelry for enhancing their looks and beauty. That is why a perfect and fancy jewelry box is also important for storing them all. It is a great accessory to decorate your home as well.

Step By Step Process on How to Make a Jewelry Box At Home

      Cardboard Box:

A cardboard box will be fine for the beginning. Ideally, old gift boxes and medicine boxes can also be used. It is mostly used for its flexibility and ample space. It can be wrapped with a newspaper for further decorations. The box can be decorated with colors, marble paper, glitters and beads. The purpose is to make it functional as well as fancy.

Handcrafting the Insides:

  • The insides also need to be properly constructed so that the jewelry items are safe and do not get damaged inside.
  • For this purpose, one can use sponge or rubber, where it is easy to pin the items.

How to Make Terracotta Jewellery At Home

Whenever it comes to handmade jewelry, terracotta deserves a special mention. It is mostly processed and baked natural clay which is hardened in order to give a proper shape. It is a significant feature of the handicraft industry and also noteworthy in ceremonies. Terracotta jewelry has made a quite popular place for itself in the market.

Step By Step Process on How to Make Terracotta Jewelry at home:

Assuming the Correct Shape:

  • Some oil is used at first to remove the stickiness of clay so that the correct shape is attained. After that, they are made in the shape of beads, or any other form which is desired. When they are completely dried and hardened, needles can be used to create design upon them. Remember that the mould of clay can be used for bringing any shape, be it round or flat.


  • Pins and colorful glitters can also be used, along with hues, to give the final touch.

How to Make Kundan Jewellery At Home

Precious gemstones may also be talked about when it comes to handcrafted jewelry. Kundan is an important material in this case. It is mostly used for decorating necklace. At present, fancy Kundan jewelry is worn as a partywear item. Although Kundan is glass piece, embedded in gold for beautification of necklace, it can be used for earrings and other such items as well. In the earlier times, it used to be a symbol of royalty and its origin is believed to have taken birth in the royal Rajasthani court.

Step By Step Process on How to Make Kundan Jewelry At Home:

Gain An Idea of the Kundan Design and Type:

  • It can be made into different shapes and sizes, considering its flexibility and low content of gold. They are made into cup-shaped to hold the stones. This process is performed very finely, with utmost care.

Processing and Insertion of Materials

  • The glass and gemstones are inserted afterwards by using a hot coal.
  • After the execution of the designs, the item is laid down to cool off, before the removal of the dark spots with water.

Make Artificial Jewellery At Home

Artificial jewelry has gained quite an amount of popularity these days. That is because; costume jewelry is not that expensive and can be easily made with the design of your choice, by following simple easy process. Often these items are not regarded as original jewelry because of the lack of precious stones, but that has neither stopped its growing popularity, nor refrained the customers from buying these. Artificial jewelry can be made at home using very simple and day to day items, in the most innovative way possible. Pendants, necklace, earrings, bracelets and all other items are available under this category.

Making Jewelry At Home Using Simple Techniques