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Teacher’s Day - The Art Of Mentorship! teacher - Teachers Day The Art Of Mentorship Thumbnail - Teacher’s Day – The Art Of Mentorship! 

Teacher’s Day is celebrated worldwide on the 5th of September, as a day to thank every man and woman who have chosen the teaching career, to help mold young minds. The position of a teacher, lecturer, or mentor is not an easy one. Handling children may seem like the hardest part of being a teacher, but the fact is, until a child passes his or her adolescence, they are difficult to handle. 

When a teacher, there are many qualities that one needs to have and be emotionally skilled in. 

Teacher’s Day - The Art Of Mentorship! teacher - Teachers Day The Art Of Mentorship 1 - Teacher’s Day – The Art Of Mentorship! 

Asst. Prof. of Garment Construction, Kavyashree with JEDIIIANS mentoring on sewing

The most important quality and skill that an educator must have is patience. It is not an easy task to teach, it requires immense patience. There will be many situations that are likely to arise when mentoring or teaching or educating a group or individual, where patience is lost. When this happens, it provides a chance to the young minds, to learn from that repercussion of that second or minute of loss of patients. 

Handling age groups between 10 to 20, can be quite the task, as that is the age in which every child goes through hormonal change and emotional imbalance. Children spend almost 90% of their time in educational institutes with their teachers and lecturers. 

In college, students are at the age of wanting to enjoy and not attend classes. Students at this age are also very detailed to faults. They tend to argue back and not show respect until they are given the freedom to be friends. 

This is where lecturers play an important role when it comes to patience. The patience that they have towards the students is what will keep the student patient in his or her own state of mind. Therefore, the connection between the two, will be a one to remember with its own benefits for both. 

Teacher’s Day - The Art Of Mentorship!  teacher - Teachers Day The Art Of Mentorship 2 - Teacher’s Day – The Art Of Mentorship! 

Asst. Prof. of Fashion, Nitika with JEDIIIANS mentoring on draping

It is a quality that need not have to be mentioned when limited to the subject of educating alone. But knowledge is not just the curriculum, it is also being knowledgeable towards a student’s actions towards education. Understanding the change in a student’s behaviour also comes under the knowledge aspect. 

Every student has a different capacity when it comes to learning, understanding and capturing the topic that’s being taught. With such different students, it is crucial for the teacher or lecturer to be knowledgeable in terms of understanding the students.

Teacher’s Day - The Art Of Mentorship!  teacher - Teachers Day The Art Of Mentorship 3 - Teacher’s Day – The Art Of Mentorship! 

Asst. Prof. Kalpana, socializing with students

A quality that most teachers have by default, is empathy. Being empathetic does not make a teacher or lecturer weak or vulnerable. It makes them approachable and understanding. Every student has a life beyond the books, even though it is where their passion lies. Similarly, when students spend nearly 8 hours a day with their faculties, they need that mind space to be able to approach their mentors when they need that extra support. 

Students spend more time with their mentors and teachers than they do with their parents. Thus, it is equally important for the teacher’s to be empathic and understanding towards their students. Making it one of the most important qualities required for the teaching profession. 

Teacher’s emotions and requirements are a never ending list, because similar to trends, the qualities of a teacher keep changing with time and the personality of every student. At JD Institute, the mentors or teachers have all the qualities that a student would want in his or her teacher. The mentors, either teaching or staff, are always open to understanding and meeting the requirements of the students. They do not restrict themselves to just being teachers and sharing educational advice, they also become parents when a student requires that support. That is what makes JD institute as one of the best design colleges in karnataka. Thereby, wishing every JD faculty, the ones who make the students more at home then a college, a Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank You For Being Awesome! 

Teacher’s Day – The Art Of Mentorship!