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Trendsetters, the old school influencers! trendsetter - Trendsetters the old school influencers Thumbnail - Trendsetters, the old school influencers!

Trendsetters is an old school name for influencers, well now I don’t need to tell you trendsetters are people who lead the way in fashion or ideas. Clothing is meant to give you warmth and protection. So, why does it need to be fancy, when any piece of clothing would suffice? This is when I get to play Miranda Priestly aka Anna Wintour (Sssshhh.. It wasn’t her). Either way, this is me taking off my lenskart delivered functional spectacles and staring straight into your soul and pursing my lips. Well, imagine the devil herself, if you don’t find me intimidating enough. I know you don’t. Back to planet earth, clothes express one’s status and identity. Urgh, how classist! Well, the concept of trendsetters does have a classist history.

Early influencers – The early trendsetters in European history were members of the ruling class, particularly monarchs and aristocrats. Queen Elizabeth I, for example, decked herself as if her person were the state, creating an indisputable image for herself as the British monarch. By the eighteenth century, however, trends were increasingly set by individuals in urban centres, such as Paris and London, rather than at court.

It slowly percolated into the society to reach the members of the entertainment fraternity to modern movie stars, the social elite and public figures. The old school trendsetters did not just set the standards for clothing but the way they styled them, the accessories, the hairstyling, make-up and so much more. Google about Alexandra Limp, and you will have a hearty laugh escaping you.

The modern-day Influencer – Most of our lives we have watched the members of the entertainment fraternity and the social elite of our time wear couture fashion, while looking at the world of glam and glitz from our Television sets and the silver screens. Then, we transitioned to the age of social media with Orkut and Facebook where we felt seen and wanted to show the best of us, for our friends to see. From the little square profile picture to memories and events of our lives shared in our Facebook page, we eventually moved on to use Instagram exclusively for sharing pictures and reels. From couture fashion to fashion hacks, styling to dance moves, every person with access to a phone became an influencer.Trendsetters, the old school influencers! trendsetter - Trendsetters the old school influencers 1 - Trendsetters, the old school influencers!

The Influencer

The Trendsetter is someone who is always actively seeking out to explore the world of fashion and unafraid of styling and sporting new looks and much of the latest trends. Oftentimes, trendsetters’ aka influencers have a large social following and endeavour to be the first in their social network to introduce new brands, products, fashion, styling and trends.

The value of a trendsetter or the modern-day influencers are passionate, excitable, and eager to share with a loyal following ‒ meaning they could contribute immensely to a brand’s marketing strategy. Since a strong social presence is a priority for the Trendsetter or an influencer, they’re especially motivated to create high-quality content and it is an incentive to remain consistent with their efforts in the marketplace.

Trendsetters, the old school influencers! trendsetter - Trendsetters the old school influencers 3 - Trendsetters, the old school influencers!

The Sharer

The Sharer distributes information, meaning they might or might not be an influencer who would sport new fashion and be the trendsetter in their social media community but they actively share the new trends. The sharer is a type of influencer who shares videos to pictures, to blog posts and GIFs. The Sharer researches content diligently to share and amplify the information they find through their social networks. The Sharer loves to share, making this influencer a valuable tool for your brand to reach a large and diverse audience.

These influencers are the most reliable when it comes to sharing. The Sharer guarantees that your brand will achieve the target reach and impressions you’ve set. Eager to share and create a range of content, the Sharer has great potential to further your brand’s marketing initiatives. If your brand is willing to get creative, the Sharer is of high value.Trendsetters, the old school influencers! trendsetter - Trendsetters the old school influencers 2 - Trendsetters, the old school influencers!

The Observer 

The Observer does not actively participate in sharing and having conversations in social media, but instead, observes the activities of others. This type of influencer is typically the most challenging to activate, but the Observer remains a valuable part of your online community. Why? Their shares are authentic and organic.

Though the Observer may not be actively sharing on social media, this influencer can still provide great value to your online marketing campaign. Even if they’re not participating in online conversations, they’re paying attention. The value here? Their potential to absorb and share information. The Observer is the influencer most likely to act upon social recommendations. These active buyers go out and purchase the products they’re reading about online, then share about their experience with their offline social network.

They may not be the ones creating content, but they are the ones actively liking, commenting, and re-sharing, extending the reach of the community’s content. When effectively engaged, you can activate the Observer to become a loyal advocate for your brand. Regularly observing large amounts of information, Observers are constantly familiarizing themselves with more brands and products. And when they find a brand they like, they stick with it.Trendsetters, the old school influencers! trendsetter - Trendsetters the old school influencers 4 - Trendsetters, the old school influencers!

The Reporter 

The Reporter influencer is an individual who likes to get a conversation going online. Their topics of interest include current affairs, events, and new products, brands, and services. The Reporters aim to pique their social audience’s interest. They’re socially active conversation-starters and a key asset for every influencer marketing strategy.