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fashion designing - fashion jd institute - What is Fashion Design?

Fashion Designing is really a form of art that is dedicated to the creation of clothing and other accessories that form part of someone’s lifestyle. Modern fashion designing can be further divided into two broad categories: ready to wear and haute couture.

  • The haute couture collections are dedicated to a set of privileged customers and are custom sized so that they can fit only those customers.
  • In order for a place to qualify as a house that deals in haute couture, the designer needs to be a part of the Syndical Chamber of Haute Couture and must show a fresh collection two times in a year by presenting at least thirty-five different kinds of outfits every time.
  • The ready to wear kind of collections are sized standardly, are not custom made, so these are more suitable towards larger production runs.

These are also divided into two separate categories: createur/designer and the confection collections. The designer collections tend to have a higher quality and a finer finish as well as a unique design. They very often are representatives of a certain kind of a philosophy and are typically created for making a statement rather than just be put out for sale. Both haute-couture and ready-to-wear collections are put on presentation when international catwalks take place.

History About Fashion Designing

The very first fashion designer was more than a simple tailor, Charles Fredrick Worth, made his mark during the nineteenth century. Before he had set up his design house focusing on fashion in the city of Paris, clothing used to be made by dressmakers who would stay anonymous and the fashion standards were just derived from the styles that were worn by the members of the royal families. Worth was the very first designer to actually do the job of dictating to his customers what they should be wearing instead of taking orders from them.

Worth’s fashion house became so famous that people were easily able to attach a name and a face to his designs as they knew they were coming from the House of Worth. This was the start of the tradition to have a designer for a house not only to create the clothing but also to represent the brand symbol.

How to Become A Fashion Designer?

Fashion designing is an art form. In order for you to become  a designer:

  • You need to have a creative and artistic personality.
  • You should also have good drawing skills to be able to combine tones, shades and colors.
  • You also should be able to work with all kinds of fabric and use cloth in a very creative and an original manner.
  • Highly successful fashion designers possess very good visual imaginations and are able to express their thoughts in three dimensions while they transform their ideas into beautiful garments.
  • Fashion designers need to be aware of the requirements of the fashion market.
  • You have to have the hunger to always keep learning new things by the virtue of magazines, books and journals on fashion designing industry and the new trends.
  • You must also be generally interested in art, visiting art galleries and interacting will all types of artists whenever they get an opportunity.
  • A designer should also have the basic experience and knowledge of tailoring and should be able to tell the difference between the various quality levels of fabrics.

Information About Fashion Designing Courses

Are you a real creative person who likes to explore hi/her flair for fashion? If you have a passion for creating designs which are extremely stylish and original, then fashion designing should be your choice of career.  If you pursue a career in designing, it will not only provide satisfaction for your creative side but also provide you with an opportunity to become really famous with your entry into this glamorous industry. For people who hit the right chords, this profession provides a very decent paycheck.

  • The best way for you to meet the right kind of people and to establish yourself in this field is by attending a very good fashion design institute.
  • Be aware that due to ever-growing demands of this course, a lot of new fashion designing institutes have now started opening up many people are now pursuing a career in the field of fashion designing.
  • Given this scenario, it is advisable that you find out more about the colleges/institutes that offer the best kind of training and education in this field.

Choosing the right institute will help you to make sure that you are learning the fundamentals of this field from a reputed institute and it will make you the ideal fashion designer you could be. You can then opt for a reputed institute offering fashion designing courses such as the National Institute of Fashion Technology, JD Institute of Fashion Technology or Indian Institute of Fashion Technology etc.

Fashion Design Course Syllabus

Please visit: https://www.jdinstitute.com/courses/, page then the web page specific to the course that you wish to apply for. Detailed information on the syllabus of each course is mentioned on the respective courses page

What is Fashion Design? fashion designing - fashion jd institute 1024x684 - What is Fashion Design?

Eligibility for Fashion Designing Courses

Eligibility Criteria for Fashion Designing courses depends upon the institute in which you wish to apply. JD institutes have a cut-off percentage of 50 in 10+2 for applications in Fashion Designing and related courses. For post-graduate courses, most institutes prefer students with a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Sometimes, colleges have separate qualifying exams which students need to pass in order to secure admission.

Scope of Fashion Designing in India

In the current scenario, with the rise of various fashion e-commerce companies like Myntra, Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Voonik and Limeroad, the demand for fashion professionals has increased exponentially. Also, there are various domestic fashion hubs in the country that are doing amazingly well and that is lending a commendable push to the growth of the Indian fashion industry. Then there’s also the constant patronage the industry has received from various fashion magazines and newspapers. Keeping the above-related domains in mind, the scope of fashion design in India is huge and will only get better with rampant globalization.

Now, any student who has a creative bent of mind can pursue fashion as a career at JD or nift who are best acclaimed institute in India and rise to professional stardom.

Fashion Design Career Opportunities in India

With a population of 1 billion and growing, and with one of the biggest movie industries in the world, India has a huge demand for fashion designers. Various Indian designers are highly acclaimed in the international arena too. Also, considering the colossal size of the Indian garment industry, one can easily guess the potential that the field of fashion design holds for any aspiring designer.

Various Indian brands like Big Bazaar, Lifestyle, Allen Solly and Peter England regularly roll out collections of their own. These are designed by indigenous designers. Opening a fashion brand of one’s own is another choice which is always open to fashion design aspirants. Almost all big and small cities have domestic designer names which, even if not known internationally, deliver big on niche domestic demand.

Similarly, e-commerce companies like Myntra and Jabong have various private brands that are run by Indian designers. Hence, fashion design career opportunities are immense and there is no dearth of jobs for a good fashion designer in the Indian market.

Top 10 Fashion Designers in India

India has produced some of the finest designers of the fashion industry who are not just acclaimed for their work in the domestic landscape but have also made a powerful impact on the global fashion scene. Currently, the top 10 fashion designers of the country include names like:

  • Manish Malhotra
  • Tarun Tahiliani
  • Wendell Rodricks
  • Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla
  • Rina Dhaka
  • Manish Arora
  • Rohit Bal
  • Ritu Beri
  • Sabyasachi
  • Ritu Kumar

The works of these designers feature regularly at international fashion festivals and shows. Their patrons are spread all over the world.

Many top Indian designers are JD alumni: Rocky S, Shane & Falguni, and Gaurav Chabra.

What is Fashion Design?