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Pellucid spring summer 2018 - Pellucid - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018

Spring Summer 2018

Fashion forecast is one of the most important subjects in a Fashion Designing course, JD Institute student Ayushi Kothari ( ADFD2015) writes down the trend forecast for 2018 Spring Summer.

fabulous fashion is the two words to describe spring summer 2018. this season is all about exuberance with fashion from sparkle, tassels, fringes to ruffles, spreading joy around. we have trends going back in time to classy trench coats, slip dresses, evergreen denim and our very beloved checks. also adding glamour by adding different sorts of embellishments, playing with the hems, different types of washes. you are going to look back at the bags you denied your entire life. this spring fashion upped its game to the utmost.

Candy Floss

We have fashion’s prettiest, eye soothing colours in trend this spring season, pastels. But with a twist.

As Victoria Beckham said ‘Delicacy can be strong’. Candy floss hues are going to be seen and experimented in a way like never before and we simply can’t wait down this trend.

candy floss spring summer 2018 - candy floss - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018


Glitter and sequins are the big things this season. It’s all about being extravagant. You are going to want to restock your closet with loads of glitter. Also, this trend can be worn for any occasion and not just new year’s eve. What else can be better than glitter?

Coruscate spring summer 2018 - Coruscate - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018


Our beloved checks are back on trend this season yet again, this time seeping into the roots of our wardrobe, checks are going to be seen in our classy trench coats and everywhere else.

checkered spring summer 2018 - checkered - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018

Fantastic Plastic

This spring season has the most versatile trends to date. From fabrics to wearing plastics? How far we have come! This trend is simply gorgeous looking, and we can’t wait to grab our hands on to this one.

Fantastic plastic spring summer 2018 - Fantastic plastic - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018


Exuberance is the word that comes to the mind everytime one thinks of this trend. Fringing, tassels and feathers is going to be the big thing this spring.

Fringing spring summer 2018 - Fringing - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018

Bold Color

If you are a person who talks through fashion and is a very bold personality then this trend is perfect for you. Go out there and flash your fearless soul.

bad color spring summer 2018 - bad color - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018


Transparency is a headlining trend – sheer coats, dresses and skirts and full briefs. Basically, its all about what lies beneath this season

Pellucid spring summer 2018 - Pellucid - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018


We have ruffles back this season. Adding grace and a feminine air yet again. We so love this trend.

Ruffles spring summer 2018 - Ruffles - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018

Color of the year – Ultra Violet

voilet spring summer 2018 - voilet - Whats in for Spring Summer 2018