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world humanitarian day - whd 1 - World Humanitarian Day- 2016 (19th August)

whd-1 world humanitarian day - whd 1 - World Humanitarian Day- 2016 (19th August)World Humanitarian Day is an annual reminder of the need to act to alleviate the suffering. It is also an occasion to honour the humanitarian workers and volunteers toiling on the frontlines of crises. I pay tribute to these dedicated women and men who brave danger to help others at far greater risk.” — UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

We often hear of the word humanitarian but how much do we care to know about it. As we celebrate it today as World Humanitarian Day, let’s spare a moment to know what exactly it is. Well, in simple words it is all about us, people dealing and taking care of each other.
A person who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms or an act of showing concern for the welfare of humanity, especially in acting to improve the living conditions of impoverished people.
Humanitarianism, as a concept, emerged out of the Enlightenment notion of reforming society. Not only religious tolerance, but social movements that sought to banish practices such as torture and slavery sprang out of the push towards humanitarianism.
In India people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Mahatma Gandhi have worked towards abolishing the acts of social bigotry, conservatism and superstitions.
Other humanitarian efforts included pushed to alleviate the notorious conditions of factory workers in early industrial plants and humane treatment of prisoner. Today, many humanitarian efforts are geared towards assisting people after large disasters, providing food, water and medicine following massive catastrophes. The International Red Cross was the first major humanitarian organization, founded in 1863.

In today’s society it is all the more needed and we as present generation should make an effort to make our contributions towards it. It is not only helpful for others but a soul lifting process for ourselves as well.

Article written by : Interior Design Department (JD Institute of Fashion Technology)

World Humanitarian Day- 2016 (19th August)