Christmas Decorations for Interiors

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Christmas Decorations for Interiors

Christmas Decorations for Interiors

Christmas is that time of the year when everything around is filled with happiness and joy. It marks the time of celebration, celebration of love, a celebration of the people around us, a celebration of God, a celebration of the year gone by and the year to come.

The decoration is a big part of Christmas. To spread the love and the good vibes, the colourful decoration is used to set the mood. Just by seeing these decorations it brings a sense of joy to everyone. (

Amidst the dark sky, a huge star with colourful lights peeps through the balcony to welcome you, when you first get down from your car. You go inside with a happy mood towards the door which has a huge wreath hung on it. You enter into a cosy yet colourful ambience. You find a huge 7 feet tall tree in the right corner having so many Christmas ornaments making it the best looking tree you’ve seen in a while. You go towards it while the lights are blinking at you. You see every detail of the tree, the pine cones, the little stockings, the candy canes, the stars, the angels all smiling with glory.then you move on towards the dining and you observe the ceiling where curtains of garlands hang down. With huge bells Hung everywhere. A huge star overlooks the dining table with an array of food arranged for all the guests. While going up the railings are decorated with strings of green garlands. The Christmas spirit is oozing through our heart.

Christmas Decorations for Interiors - JD Institute christmas decorations for interiors - Christmas Decorations for Interiors - Christmas Decorations for Interiors

You cant help but notice how Christmas can put anyone in the holiday mood

by Sharanya S M – Interior Design – June B. Batch