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EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan eid - Thumbnail 1 9 - EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan

Eid ul-Fitr, after a month of fasting, Muslims all around the world celebrate the end of Ramadan with a feast.

What is Eid ul-Fitr?

Eid, which in Arabic translates as ‘feast’ or ‘festival’, is a celebration marking the significant events in the Islamic lunar calendar. In the 9th month, commonly known as Ramadan, Muslims far and wide perceive fasting from dawn to dusk.

Eid al-Fitr is the festival of the breaking of fast where family and friends come together to indulge in a banquet of feast.EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan eid - Image 1 1 - EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan

When is Eid Celebrated?

This year, the dusk of April 12th, Monday was marked as the beginning of Ramadan and will end on May 12th, Wednesday at dusk, marking the beginning of Eid ul-Fitr.

How is Eid celebrated?

While Eid ul-Fitr normally lasts for three days, it can stretch out to a month-long celebration depending on cultures and countries. It is a time when Muslims adorn themselves in new clothes and decorate their homes. The first day of Eid is started with a communal prayer before gathering at home to celebrate with a banquet of sweet and savoury foods. Specially made sweets and cookies are shared, and gifts or money packets are given to children and the elderly. Eid ul-Fitr is also a time when Muslims are encouraged to forgive and seek forgiveness.

What are the two Eids?

Eid ul-Fitr can easily be confused with the Eid celebration, Eid ul-Adha which  is celebrated on the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Eid al-Adha is known as the ‘festival of sacrifice’ which follows the completion of the annual Holy Pilgrimage of Hajj. During this time, families partake in the butchering of animals such as sheep, goats, and cows where the meat is to be shared among neighbours, friends, and those less fortunate.

What is the meaning of ‘Eid Mubarak’?

Eid Mubarak’ is a festive greeting that translates ‘Blessed Eid’ which is similar to wishing someone “Ramadan Mubarak”EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan eid - Image 2 1 - EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan

Eid ul-Fitr or Eid ul-Adha, either ones, ‘Eid Mubarak’ sends the same message. On this festive occasion, JD institute of Fashion technology wishes each one of you ‘Eid Mubarak’. May this time bring to you and your family happiness, health and safety during these tough times.

Eid Mubarak!

EID UL-FITR: The End Of Ramadan