How to Start a Homemade Jewellery Business At Home

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How to Start a Homemade Jewellery Business At Home

How to Start a Homemade Jewellery Business At Home

Jewellery business has become a hot topic today. From the ancient edge, the craftsmen are making jewellery of different categories and designs. But, they were all working for a company, businessmen or traders. But today, all of you can easily make such jewellery at your home and start your own business right from your residence. Here, we will speak about, ‘how to start a handmade jewellery business’. It is not mandatory to work with precious metals. Rather, the ethnic and contemporary jewellery making with threads, textile, beads, bells, etc. is a hit in the market.

Factors Considered in Starting a Jewellery for Business?

There are different types of jewellery that are available in the market. Choosing the suitable one is important.  How to start your own jewellery business at home with a suitable category of jewellery has an answer over here.

  • Factors Considered for Precious/Semi Precious Jewellery

  • It has a higher price
  • You require an excellent craftsman
  • Raw materials include semi-precious and precious gems and metals
  • Jewellery are mostly used in big occasions like anniversary, wedding, or something in the luxury
  • Factors Considered for Costume/Fashion Jewellery

  • The maker requires the metal and materials that are affordable. These include beads, synthetic gems, crystals, wire, plated metal, plastic, etc
  • One needs to follow the present trend for making such jewellery
  • The price quote must be lower as the competition is quite high in the market
  • Mass production is vital as the customer may buy in bulk
  • Focus on the customers who need jewellery for daily wear. Those can be office going ladies, school teachers, etc

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How to Start a Home-Based Jewelry Making Business?

There are a few vital steps in jewellery business whether you operate from home or any other place. The following steps are mandatory to follow:

  • Choice of Domain Name

If you are starting a business, there must be an appropriate business name. Make sure that it matches with the type of jewellery you are making. But, don’t make it sound very complicated.

  • Trade License

You need to get a license for your business. It is only possible if you speak to the local government in your area. The rule may differ as per the geographical location. Thus, you need to contact the authority for your patent right and trademark.

  • Make a Solid and Proper Business Plan

Each entrepreneur must have a goal before starting a business. The jewellery business is not an exception to it.  What is the type of jewellery or jewellery on which you are going to focus? If you cannot do yourself, hire a professional.

  • Build a Separate Workplace for Your Business

There must be an appropriate workplace for your business. It can be a room at your home or any other location.  It should be clean and have a location preference. Make sure the place must have adequate space to accommodate all your jewellery accessories. Once your jewellery are made, you need a space that wills ac as a warehouse.

  • Online Sales and Marketing

It is very important to promote your products. Start with digital or online marketing. This will be done in very negligible cost. The platform will help you sell the products and bring more customers.

How to Start a Homemade Jewellery Business At Home

What do You Require for Making Handmade Jewellery at Home?

It is very important to have a passion for making. For many people, it is a hobby. But, converting your hobby to the profession can earn a handsome amount.  If you are wondering about, how to How to do jewellery designing at home, here is the answer to your question. Before starting the jewellery business at home, you need to have certain tools and accessories.

  • Tools for Doing Jewelry Designing Business

  • Round Nosed Pliers: This is very important to bend the wires in the shape you want. With the help of this tool, you can create different types of rings, closed loops, open loops with the wire.
  • Side Cutter: You will get wires of several yards. It is very important to cut them to the size when making a neckpiece. Thus, cutting it at some point in time is vital. Side cutter will help you do it
  • Flat Nosed Pliers: This is also known as half round pliers. This is also used for cutting wires but an additional gripping is present over here.
  • Accessories For Making Neckpiece/Necklace Jewelry Design

For your jewellery home business, it is very important to buy the accessories. Following are some essential items that you will need to make a neckpiece:

  • Wire or Strings: This is required as the base of a neckpiece. The beads and other accessories will run over the wires or string to make an attractive neckpiece.
  • Beads: These days, people love to wear neckpieces made up of beads. Once you go to the accessory supply shop or a wholesale market, you can find beads made up of different designs, looks and size. You can ask for any variety that you want.
  • Jump Ring: This is one of the vital accessories that you require for connection between two loops. You will require this in a bulk to make your jewelry.
  • Bail and Loops: In order to make attractive neckpiece and earring with your creative idea, you must have some bails and loops from the markjewelleryet. Those can be placed between the beads to create an attractive design.
  • Pendants: Different individuals have different ideas to make neckpiece or beaded garlands. Placing an attractive element in the middle of the neckpiece is going to be a great trend. The pendants have a wonderful role here. You can get these pendants in different size and shape. Get anything that suits your creative sense.
  • Headpin: This is another vital accessory for jewellery making in a home-based jewellery business. This will run between two beads to make a connection along with a loop. This is mostly used in earring when you are willing to place a cup at the bottom and one at the top.
  • Earring Hook: Some people may wish to wear earring when they are in a hurry and moving out for their office or outing. Thus, hooking the hearing on the ear hole is an idea. Thus, while making the earring many people prefer attaching it with a hook.

How to Do Marketing or Sales For Your Handmade Jewellery?

Once you have made a good quantity and variety of handmade jewellery, you must be thinking how to sell them. This is a vital step in home-based jewellery business opportunities. People do business for profit. If you are unable to gain, there will be no point in doing business at all. Following are some of the platforms where you can sell your jewelry:

  • Jewellery Parties/Kitty Parties

The jewellery parties are organized in most of the circles and communities. It can be organized by your friends, relatives, neighbours or well-wishers. This is where you can easily display the jewellery that you have made on your own. Even, this is possible to gain good customers in the kitty party of your mom, mother in law or the one in which you are the member.

  • Craft Fairs

Whether you wish to sell your handmade jewellery or traditional stuff, the craft fairs will be a good option. People with different taste and preferences for handmade items do visit in such fairs. You will get a wonderful opportunity to sell your jewellery in this platform. This is an important part of, how to start a jewellery making business at home. You just need to contact the organizer of the fair and get a stall. Once you place your jewelry within the stall, the visitors will come one by one to see and purchase your jewelry

  • Selling Online

The Internet is a wonderful medium to sell your products which might not be very easy to be sold in a physical store. There are E-commerce websites where you can register as a seller and easily sell your jewellery. Some E-commerce sites take the products from your home and deliver to the customers by themselves. But, there are other sites where the seller needs to take care of the delivery part. This is where you can sell your products in bulk.

  • Own Website and Social Media

The Internet has various medium of promoting and selling products. Having a website on your own with the lovely pictures of your jewellery is going to put a wonderful impact on your customers. If anyone wishes to see your product portfolio, your own website will be a wonderful platform. Also, post your jewellery with some description in the social media sites.  These days, people visit social media on a regular basis. They also view the posts that come while scrolling it down. Thus, once they are interested in your jewellery, they can easily respond and ask for it.

Demand for Jewellery and its Accessories in the Market

The following pie chart presents the purchase of different commodities in a year from a popular E-commerce website. As you can see in the chart, the maximum purchase is made for the jewellery and its accessories. This is quite clear from the green colour and navy blue colour portion of the chart. Thus, you can easily do jewellery business with the aim of profit in your mind.

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The above content spoke about how to start a jewellery making a business from home with ease and comfort. The step by step process of making is important to note. The construction of a fine business model is another vital fact. The creativity combined with strategy can make your jewellery business a hit.