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Fashion Designer Games

Fashion Designer Games

There can never be anything better than learning while playing a game. It makes the process of learning easy, interesting and fun-filled. You can just sit at the comfort of your home and use your smartphone to learn while playing a game on it. The latest rage in the world of smartphones is fashion designer games. These games are not only visually appealing but help you stay updated about the hottest trends in the world of fashion. Fashion designer games are also a great way to help your child be creatively stimulated and learn so many new things. In this article, we will find out about the plethora of fashion designer games available online as well as their benefits. Visit us online at top fashion designing institute to learn more.

Fashion Designer Games Available Online:

There are plenty of fashion designer games with levels available on android and iOS right now. Listed below are some of the fashion games that you can play or use to help your child get interested in fashion:

  • Barbie Fashion Designer Games:

There are quite a few fashion games that come under the Barbie category. These barbie fashion designer games for girls are not only easy to play but are uber creative. In these games, the player has to pick up or mix-and-match the right clothes and makeup on the model that comes on their screen. Some of them also come with an intriguing and fun-filled narrative. Here are a few of them:

  • Princess choice
  • Princesses fashion
  • Social media divas
  • Fashion brands
  • Fashion trends
  • Tailor shop
  • Classic style
  • Pinterest game
  • Fashion photographer game
  • Fashionista game
  • Dress me up
  • Barbie’s day out
  • Barbie fashion designer
  • Cover photo girl
  • Old fashioned dress up game
  • Teen girls’ dresses
  • Jessica Jane
  • New York Fashion Designer
  • Clothing designer
  • Bratz fashion games
  • Virtual game-Fashion girl

Fashion Designer Games

Fashion Designer Games for Boys:

It is incorrect to think that fashion designer games are only meant for girls. There are plenty of fashion games online that are meant for boys. Here are a few:

  • Jungle boy makeover game
  • Eminem dress up game
  • Zac Efron dress up game
  • Christiano Ronaldo dress up game
  • Liam Hemsworth dress up
  • Style boy dress up
  • Johny Depp dress up
  • Justin Timberlake dress up
  • Bad guy dress up
  • Ken dress up game
  • Nick Jonas dress up game
  • Make me handsome dress up game
  • Style file for men
  • Fashion Designer Games for Adults:

Since fashion designing is a career that is booming in our country, it is only obvious that we have so many fashion games for adults as well. These fashion games with levels are amazingly creative and are fun-filled. They help in boosting creative skills in individuals who are serious about taking up fashion designing as a career. Some of these fashion games come with judges where once the player finishes dressing up the model, they are given points by a panel of judges online. These games make for a competitive time. Here are a few fashion games for adults that are found on Android or Apple:

  • It Girl
  • Fashion Star
  • Fashion Designer New York
  • LA Fashion Show
  • Talented Fashion Designer
  • Design Studio
  • Catwalk Countdown
  • Lady Popular
  • World Class Fashion Designer
  • Design Studio
  • Covet Fashion
  • Love Nikki- Dress Up Queen
  • Styledoll Sylista
  • Queen’s Wardrobe
  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood
  • Star Girl
  • Fashion Star Boutique
  • Fashion Story
  • Fabulous- Angela’s Fashion Fever
  • NYC Fashion Dress-Up Challenge
  • Fashion Challenge Milan