Importance of focal point in interior design 

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Importance of focal point in interior design 


A focal point in interior design refers to any point to which all the attention of a person goes to first thing in a room. A focal point is one of the most fundamental elements of interior design. Interior designers will vouch for the importance of focal points and are reflected in their designs as well.

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Now that we understood what a focal point in interior design means, let’s see what is considered a focal point, say for instance, in a living room. Ideally, in modern interior design, rooms are built-in with a focal point. This step is usually covered at the construction and planning level by architects and interior designers together.

In such a case, highlighting the existing features or designs is the most of work needed to create a focal point. Fireplaces are an excellent example of built-in focal points. Fireplaces accentuate the look of the room and are sure shot to steal all the attention of visitors as they enter the room. A living room with a fireplace is largely used in homes with a cold climate. Generally, the seating area is arranged around fireplaces to highlight them.

Importance of focal point in interior design
Fireplaces are built-in focal point element

In other cases where there is no built-in focal point, interior designers get down to business. With no existing feature to act as a focal point, it is necessary to create one and emphasize the interior design around it. In modern interior design, plenty of options are available to create your stylish focal point that takes off the negativity in the room, if there is any of course.

Take, for instance, a bedroom, a focal point can be anything from an item of furniture or a piece of artwork. Accent walls are a stylish example of a focal point for a bedroom. Accent walls are popularly used as focal points for the stylish aura they add to the bedroom. Note that accent walls need not built-in during designing the layout of the room.  Bold paint colour for the wall or wallpaper is stylish enough to act as a focal point.

Importance of focal point in interior design
Accent walls

A focal point could be the gamechanger in deciding the look of the room. Interior designers are always looking for innovative ideas to create focal points for interior designJD Institute of Fashion Technology is a premier design institute offering BSc. in Interior Design – Singhania University – 3 Years. The institute primarily focuses on grooming aspiring interior designers with the latest trends in interior design to provide them a strong point of departure to the profession of interior design.

Importance of focal point in interior design