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jd institute - IIID2 JD Institute - In conversation with Shyamala Prabhu at JD Institute Brigade Campus

On 27th August 2019, the Interior Design Department of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, invited Ms. Shyamala Prabhu, Immediate Past Chairperson, and Ar. V. Vishwanath, Member of Managing Committee, from the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Bangalore Chapter, to conduct a talk session for the students of BSc. and Advanced Diploma in Interior Design 2017, 2018 and 2019. The purpose of the talk session, was to educate about student outreach programme, memberships and various benefits provided by IIID along with access to various boards. It also encourages cooperation between designers, affiliated professions, other artists and traders.

In conversation with Shyamala Prabhu at JD Institute Brigade Campus jd institute - IIID2 JD Institute - In conversation with Shyamala Prabhu at JD Institute Brigade Campus

IIID is a non-profit professional body founded in 1972 to create transparency among their industry peers and get them under one roof to discuss the challenges faced by them and provide requisite support. Today IIID boasts of 31 chapters and centres across India. IIID is a member of APSDA: Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance.

In October 2018, JD Institute of Fashion Technology became the Institutional Member of IIID. The objective of the association is to provide students access to seminars, talk sessions, workshops etc. conducted by renowned national and international guest speakers and also to various boards.

Ms Shyamala, highlighted about the student outreach programmes provided by IIID as it has been concentrating on education since the last 6 years, to enhance the quality of interior design. The associated also provides scholarships for students. The outreach programme is proposing activities such as design walksconventions, site visits, etc. for students which will be guided by various members of the organisation. This will give students a personal interaction and knowledge sharing, which will be an important aspect in the founding years of being a designer. Connecting to the industry will also be a crucial role in building a network of contractors, civil support, suppliers, craftsmen etc.

Membership with IIID provides students and future interior designers/architects with the following advantages:

Networking & Collaborations:

  • Communicate and co‐operate with similar national and international organizations.
  • Encourage interaction and co‐operation between designers, affiliated professions, artists, craftsmen and trades.


  • Promotion of research and scientific work in connection with Interior Design.
  • has worked out a comprehensive syllabus periodically updated ‐ to implement high
    quality education in Interior Design which is available for adoption by educational institutes.
  • Conduct continuing education workshops, seminars and programmes for the benefit of its members.

Apart from networking and collaborations along with education, it acknowledges excellence through organising award shows wherein:

  • IIID promotes and acknowledges excellence in interior design at Regional as well as National level by conducting Annual Awards programme, currently as IIID‐ANCHOR Awards.
  • IIID has also collaborated with Godrej Interio to promote creativity in specific fields of furniture product design through its Annual IIID‐GODREJ‐ Innovation Awards programme.

In conversation with Shyamala Prabhu at JD Institute Brigade Campus